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Writing While Correcting | A Writer’s Mistake?


Nov 1, 2015

Writing is a daily activity of a blogger.
Through writing bloggers can continue to update their articles on the blog. Therefore, proper consistency is needed to produce articles productively. It doesn’t matter how many days you update, it’s clear you have to have a regular schedule.

However, in reality plans do not always go smoothly.
Some bloggers have difficulty writing. Not because I don’t have ideas or inspiration, but more because of technical errors, namely writing while correcting. Even though article correction is complex, namely paying attention to word conformity, spelling, standard words and other errors.

It is common knowledge that writing is greatly influenced by high imagination and creativity.
If you are busy with technical errors, the article will not be finished quickly. Never mind creating quality articles to convey all the inspiration, it’s definitely difficult to do.

At least writing while correcting has the following negative effects.

1. Ideas can be lost.

For a writer, ideas are a valuable asset that cannot be lost.
Therefore, the habit of carrying a book or small notepad is a must. That way an approaching brilliant idea can be quickly locked away via a small note. So it is not surprising that they always move with observation and creative thinking.

. This habit should continue during the writing process.
However, not all creative ideas can be accommodated in the first condition. Therefore, when a new idea appears while writing, the most appropriate step is to write the idea even though it is not yet in a sentence that is easy to read. In this way, full quality articles are obtained.

However, for some people this is difficult to realize.
How could it not be that when writing they also make corrections or editing. However, they did not immediately write small letters. As a result, ideas that suddenly appear disappear. At times like this they will be forced to think hard a second time.

Basically every idea or imagination flows like water.
If creative ideas are forced out, it is a burden on the brain. Therefore, you should look for ideas or
sources of writing inspiration to make it easier for you to write articles. Apart from that, quickly reduce your writing techniques while correcting which will kill your own imagination.

2. The writing process is long

Basically, time is not a writer’s main priority.
It doesn’t really matter whether you want to write for a long time as long as all the creative ideas come out. As we know, writing works are not only articles but also short stories, novels or other works.

However, if you only write an article while the main idea is already there, but it takes a long time, that’s a problem.
The reason is that you are unable to develop the idea into an effective sentence that is easy to read. Through the technique of writing while correcting, you are actually forced to think hard. How could you not pay attention to spelling, vocabulary and correct paragraph structure.

A lot of time is wasted using writing techniques like this which may exceed your efforts to think of creative ideas.
Therefore, those who use this technique are only able to produce articles of mediocre quality. In fact, quality articles are the key to success in getting a good position in search engines.
As a writer you should be confident in your writing (Read:
6 Ways to Grow Confidence in Writing ). Proud and happy with the writing that will be created. You also have to be sure that everything you write is useful.

3. Tends to think negatively

In this regard, you only need to write down every idea that comes out.
Don’t be preoccupied with writing techniques while correcting. Because after all this technique has a negative effect on your brain and thoughts.

Users of this technique usually find it easy to question the order of words and sentences created.
As a result they are easy to write and erase. They tend to pay attention to whether the sentence is easy to read or not. Unfortunately, it can confuse the writer himself when writing the opening words of a paragraph.


Imagination and creativity should be a means to develop writing talents even better.
Producing a book is a writer’s greatest work. Being busy with writing techniques while correcting can backfire deadly. However, this technique does not always have to be abandoned absolutely. In some situations I also use some of the techniques. Because in my opinion the most important thing is to focus on the main idea so that the main idea becomes the key to producing quality writing. Good luck. 

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