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With the Affiliate Order Shop, creating an online affiliate shop is as easy as installing and running


Sep 22, 2021

Nowadays, there are many people who want to create an online shop, but don’t have their own products. Is that possible?

In fact, creating an online shop without having to have your own products is very possible. One way is to become an affiliate marketer in various types of products that provide an affiliate selling system. Then you promote the selling product on your online shop website. 

It’s that easy to create an affiliate store type online shop.

Unfortunately, even though it looks easy and can be done by anyone. However, there are other problems that might influence visitors whether to see and buy the product you are promoting or not.

What can be said to be fundamental is the appearance of the online shop that will be seen by visitors or potential buyers of the products you are promoting.

It must be admitted that most affiliates who create online affiliate stores use their own hosting or are WordPress-based. The problem is, most of the WordPress themes circulating on the internet are made abroad and speak English. So more or less there are features that are not provided for the Indonesian market. Moreover, if there are technical problems when setting up an online shop, sorry, who do you have to contact to help solve it.

The best news is, now there is a special product that makes it easier for you to create an online affiliate store. The appearance is elegant, easy to use, the features are also abundant, what’s more, you only need to buy it once without subscribing.


Toko Order Affiliate is a PHP Script for Online Affiliate Store Stores in the form of a template that is ready to be installed without any hassle with tons of features and benefits in it.

With this ready-to-use template, you will solve many of your problems as below:

1. Don’t have a website to sell online

2. Confused and don’t understand how to make it

3. A slow website and unattractive design

4. Have little capital but want complete website features

5. Potential buyers have difficulty making purchases

6. Unable to manage customer database

This is what the Affiliate Order Store looks like

Check the Demo of the “Affiliate Order Shop” Website

There are several excellent features of the Affiliate Order Shop

With more professional, powerful and efficient features & benefits that will make it easier to manage your business

1. Responsive Design

With responsive design features, your online shop can appear on all devices, both mobile and desktop

2. SEO Friendly

The Order Affiliate shop is equipped with standard SEO HTML meta tags which make it easier for you to optimize the SEO of your online shop website

3. Product Details

It is equipped with two CTA (call to action) options that you can choose according to your wishes and displays product detail points.

4. Review Star Ratings

What’s even better is that customers can review ratings on each product, reviews can be deleted or not displayed depending on what you decide.

5. Social Proof

When else will there be an online shop with features that make the psychology of potential buyers more confident in shopping with sales notifications

6. Simple Bonus Claim

Makes it easier for buyers to claim bonuses without having to bother filling out lots of super complicated forms.

7. Image Zoom

A feature that is no less important, which has even become a mandatory feature in almost all marketplaces, is zoom image / photo. This is very important to make it easier for visitors to see various sizes of product photos in detail.

8. Claim Bonus via Whatsapp

This is amazing. The habit of Indonesian people is to choose to claim bonuses via WhatsApp because they are used to the ease and comfort

9. Statistics Dashboard

Even though it is quite simple, in fact the appearance of the affiliate order shop dashboard is attractive and accurate, making you more comfortable in monitoring it

10. Order Database

Databases are an important part of doing business in the digital era. The complete order database in the order shop makes it easy for you to view and execute orders and can be exported to an excel file

11. Create a Product

Creating unlimited products is no longer impossible, and it’s also easy to determine prices and discounts. Then you can immediately check the total incoming product orders

12. Import Products

No need to worry anymore about making products, just import via Excel file directly and you can make many of your shop’s products.

13. Product Category

Let’s create product categories to make them neater and the categories will appear automatically on the front page of your shop. It’s that easy with the order shop.

14. Information Page

Create a page to provide information to customers for frequently asked questions

15. Custom Appearance

Customize the appearance of your online shop starting from logo, pavicon, colors, banners, footers and so on

16. Admin Settings

Just enter your WhatsApp number or CS (customer service) to receive orders from customers.

17. Facebook Pixels

Just paste your Facebook pixel ID and it is equipped with event view content & leads.

18. Search Console & Analytics

Just enter the search console verification meta tag for your store’s SEO performance and analytical ID

For more details about the best benefits and features of the “Affiliate Order Shop” please check below


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How cool isn’t the online shop? 

So, what are you waiting for, buy it now and you can immediately have a cool new online shop full of special features. 

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