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With GoodpixelPro Private Classes Learn Online Business Easy Way Easy Money


Sep 10, 2019

Have you ever taken an online business class in Indonesia that discusses the world of online shop websites, digital marketing or a Facebook ads or Google Ads class? If you have time, try to pay attention to how much it costs to join the online class.

Looking at the entrance fees for online business classes, what can you imagine?
Remember, I’ve noticed that online course fees range from hundreds of thousands to millions of rupiah? Even then, sometimes online class teachers limit the duration of learning, some last 6 months, 3 months, 2 months, some even only 1 month after finishing learning and cannot access the latest material.

On the other hand, there are seminars or workshops about digital marketing which are quite expensive too.
It only lasts 2-3 days and the costs you can spend start from 2 million to tens of millions. It’s really expensive for a science that has the potential to make a lot of money online. This isn’t strange because out there even tickets to a workshop can be priced at up to 10-25 million if you use the rupiah exchange rate.

Join Class Privat GoodpixelPro

The best news is that you don’t have to pay a fortune to get material about the world of digital marketing.
You don’t need to spend tens of millions of rupiah to be able to take part. You also don’t have to worry about the limited time duration. Why is that? Frankly, this online class is a private class that has changed me more or less about how to make money on the internet more easily.

Just imagine if you studied online for an online shop website class, then all the material studied had to be related to online shop websites.
You will not get any other material in this class.

So, if you feel like you want to learn other things, such as logo design, making banners for attractive Facebook ads, for example, you won’t get it.
Especially if you want to make a promotional video for the products you sell in an online shop. You have to take another class or buy a digital product about this design. Of course you have to pay additional costs to have it.

Even though you already have a digital product such as a Facebook banner template or Instagram design, you don’t necessarily know how to use it, why?
It is common knowledge that these designs are usually opened and edited with the Phiotoshop or PowerPoint application or software. If you are not good at using it, you have to practice first to be able to edit it. Unfortunately, if it takes you a long time to master basic Photoshop or basic PowerPoint, it will be increasingly difficult for you to develop your online store with more interesting or unique promotional strategies.

Referring to this, there is actually a shortcut, you can learn about online shop websites, logo design, Facebook banners, Instagram banners or promotional videos.
More simply, even those of you who are beginners can do it without god class skills. You could even finish making it in less than 10 minutes. Can it? Of course you can, because in the GoodpixelPro Private Class you will be given several design templates or even mock ups which will make it easier to produce unique and interesting designs.

Indeed, there is a video tutorial for Photoshop design, and if you want to create an online shop, Blogspot or WordPress is also taught.
The following is an example of learning outcomes in the Photoshop design class

And what’s more interesting about this class, if you make promotional videos or attractive advertising designs, you have been provided with an extraordinary tool and can use it immediately.
The tool I mean is Placeit.com. If you visit the site you will find out that the price is quite expensive to redeem it. In this private class you will be given access to run it. Although I don’t guarantee that it will be valid forever, at least for almost a year, members in private classes will still be given access to use it.

If in this class you think the mentor only teaches about online shop websites and banner design for advertisements, then I, as a member of this private class, say you have MISCALCulated.
Why so?

Frankly, when I entered this private class and entered the private group on Telegram, I was shown/given a pinned post of what access rights could be used.
And it turns out!! There are several great sites provided ranging from access Todayplr.com, Placeit.com, Appsmillion.com, and several others. TodayPLR contains digital products, some of which you can resell at a price you can adjust yourself. Of course, you sell it after you edit it first, such as the book cover or name.

Meanwhile, Appsmillion.com is used to create Android applications.
If you are interested in making an Android application and can appear on Playstore and earn money from Google Admob, please take advantage of the access specifically given to private class members.

Another advantage of this private class is that the mentor (Kang Dipta) often provides new insights or extraordinary new tricks, but it still sounds strange to be taught by mentors in other classes.
One example of YouTube video optimization, private class members who often take part in Zoom meetings (similar to webinars) with Kang Dipta are taught or given application access to see YouTube video statistics and where they are lacking so that after optimization there is an increase in views.

If you regularly attend zoom meetings, it is not impossible that you will get more access to the tools that Dipta has, even though you won’t get these tools in the near future, like a month or 2 months, depending on when the zoom meeting is.
That’s why when Dipta wanted to hold a zoom meeting, almost all the private class members were looking forward to being able to take part because only those who attended the zoom meeting would get the special bonus. This is because how to use the application or tools is usually shared via email. So if you don’t have access to the tools, it will be sent to emails that have been sent in the chat directly on the Zoom meeting application.

Some time ago, Dipta helped create a Bigpay account that can be used to buy products from China.
A Bigpay account is very suitable if you want to dropship from China.

The good news is that Dipta’s Bigpay account does not charge a fee to create it.
It’s just that even though it’s free, Bigpay users must have an initial account balance. How many tens of dollars? Apart from that, there are also shipping costs because creating a Bigpay account uses Kang Dipta’s Malaysian address and it is not possible to send goods from Malaysia for free, even if it’s just a card. However, there is a condition that you must have a passport.

Another advantage I can tell you here is the community.
Basically, whoever you are or no matter how hard you try in online business, there will definitely be times when you feel tired/exhausted which makes your fighting spirit weak. From here a good community is very necessary.

In GOODPIXELPRO PRIVATE CLASS you will join other members with backgrounds, including dropshippers, housewives, entrepreneurs, students, council members and others.
What was encouraging was when some of them shared the results of their practice, received logo design projects, promotional video orders and much more. Communities in online business really help us to increase our enthusiasm which is starting to weaken because we haven’t succeeded in achieving something.

At the time this article was written, there were around 180 members of the Goodpixelpro Private class.

Several reasons why they join the Goodpixelpro Private Class

Firstly, the mentor Kang Dipta is someone who is actually involved in the world of import and export of spare parts and usually lives in Thailand.

Goodpixelpro Private Class

Second, as a consequence of Kang Dipta’s work, of course he has many connections or clients ranging from managers to directors. In fact, it is not uncommon for Kang Dipta to fly to countries such as Australia, Timor Leste or Malaysia to meet with clients. This is proven by the ownership of databases from various companies which were shared during zoom meetings.

Third, with a wealth of experience, it is very natural that he has premium tools, software or applications which I could say are expensive. In fact, there are so many tools that have been shared during the Zoom meeting and those present can enjoy them. Free tis tis. Very delicious, right?

That’s why many members hope that Kang Dipta will quickly make mistakes and share other tools that are useful when holding the next zoom meeting.

Fourth, actually the Goodpixelpro class is not just a Private Class. There are also other classes such as Website Class, Design Class and Xara Class. However, when you join the Goodpixelpro Private Class, you will automatically join the Website Class and Design Class. The Xara Class is a little different so to join you have to register again. Even so, Private Classes are the most recommended.

However, in private classes you are also taught other material that does not only discuss websites or design.
Kang Dipta (Goodpixel) often discusses several materials before holding a zoom meeting. Below are some chats on Telegram that I screenshot

Goodpixelpro Private Class

Goodpixelpro Private Class

Fifth, all GoodpixelPro private class members will be gathered into a special Telegram Group where there will be file sharing, questions and answers, sharing information and solutions for members.

Below are several Private Class members who have provided testimonials and there are also those who have confided in Kang Dipta that they have received logo orders.

Goodpixelpro Private Class

Goodpixelpro Private Class

Goodpixelpro Private Class

Goodpixelpro Private Class

Sixth, basically extraordinary tricks are worth selling at a high price, especially since not many people know about them. However, Kang Dipta (Goodpixel) wants to share this with easy conditions.

Some time ago, just by sharing in the Whatapp or Telegram group, you could get access to
Powtoon , Vyond , or Invideo for a month, a premium tool for making promotional videos.

And most recently, in recent days people have been busy buying 1 Goodpixel t-shirt and getting a Google Ads voucher of 950 thousand without having to top up first.
So there are some private class members who buy 3 or 4 t-shirts to get 3 or 4 Google Ads vouchers. That’s great, right!

Then how much is the DOWNLOAD to join the Goodpixelpro Private Class???

Currently the price is 990 thousand (ONE PAY / NO MONTHLY FEES) and includes joining the Website Class and Design class.

How do I register?

Please join via the following link 

Specially for those of you who join via this affiliate link you will get
a BONUS from me in the form of:


2. Fotojet Designer Banner Pc

Software Promotion Instagram Banner 337PSD
4. In the future I will share

other bonuses

I entered all the files in Google Class, if you have joined the Private Class and have been invited by Kang Dipta (Goodpixel) please let me know so that you are entitled to all the bonuses above.

Please send screenshot proof of payment along with your Whatsapp number / Telegram number to the email
[email protected] to confirm that you have joined the Private Class.

However, the bonus I give can actually be said to be small compared to the benefits of joining the Private Class.
Because what Kang Dipta will share in class is much more and more accurate than what I offer. Especially if you want to join Google Drive with Goodpixel where Kang Dipta has hidden treasure files, all of which are more than hundreds of gigabytes that you can download.

So, would you like to join 180 Goodpixelpro Private Class Members to Learn Online Business with the Easy Way Easy Money concept?

Immediately click the link 

Oh yes, just the price information can change at any time. 

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