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Why Want to Become a Blogger? Even though


Nov 23, 2015

As a regular blogger I sometimes think why choose blogger and not others?
Even though the fact has emerged that the number of blogs growing day by day is increasing and continuing to increase? Whether it’s a paid blog or just a free blog, everything is maximized for blogging.

The reality is that every blogger is not satisfied if they only have 1 blog. So it’s not surprising that each of them has several to dozens of blogs. Of course, the topics presented must be different for each blog. Apart from this, basically the topics discussed are sometimes hundreds of blogs that have preceded them, but why?

This is what it means to be a blogger today. The problems and challenges faced are so complex. However, many people still flock to join this world. Therefore, let’s just find out the reason.

Why Want to Become a Blogger?  Even though

Why do you want to become a blogger?

1. Bloggers must have a blog.
It cannot be denied that the most important thing for a blogger is to have a blog. As a means for blogging, a blog must be determined. Do you want to create a paid blog or just a free one? If possible, a paid blog is highly recommended, but if you don’t have an account, Blogger.com could be an alternative.

7 Reasons to Choose a Blogger Platform for Blogging

Apart from that, a blogger must also choose a blog template. Even though there are lots of free templates available, you still have to tinker to make the appearance easier for readers. Is it about the navigation menu or the required widgets.

From here why people want to become bloggers. You have to learn the basics of HTML to know how to change the appearance to make it more attractive. Of course this HTML code must be done manually.

2. Bloggers must write articles.
Once you are finished with the appearance, now you have to fill in the content. There is several content that can be presented, but written content in the form of articles has the most potential.

As a blogger you must be able to write good and quality articles . Not only that, you have to create interesting articles, of course the articles you write must also be unique. After all, unique articles are the credibility of a professional blogger.

understand this. Why do people want to become bloggers? Busy with imagination and high creativity for sure. Writing unique, interesting and quality articles must be done. Otherwise copy-paste articles can backfire and destroy the blog.

3. Takes up a lot of time
. I mentioned above that a blogger must learn templates and write articles. Apart from that, bloggers must also promote blogs and embed backlinks. That way the blog will be popular and the opportunity to attract lots of visitors can be realized immediately.

This series of processes of course requires tiring hard work. Apart from that, this cannot be done in a matter of days or weeks, but takes several months to see the results.

In this case, why do you still want to be a blogger? Even though creating a blog and fiddling with templates takes time to be satisfied. Apart from that, writing articles also takes a lot of time because articles must always be regularly scheduled. It’s also okay not to write and use article writing services , right?

4. Fees for blogging
To become a successful blogger a fee must be paid. It’s not enough to just rely on free ones. In fact, some top bloggers recommend paid templates to make the templates more unique to avoid duplication. So if there is an update to the Google template algorithm, it is safer because those who use it are not spamming bloggers.

Apart from that, bloggers are also recommended paid domains and hosting to look more professional in the eyes of search engines. However, just buying a domain in my opinion is enough. Like Blogger.com which has a customized domain. However, the price of a paid domain is still around IDR 100 thousand. For paid hosting, you can browser on the internet because the cost depends on bandwidth.

How about the article? If you can’t write articles, using a writing service may be the only way. Of course, the price of good, quality articles cannot be underestimated. A 500 word article might cost 20K to 25K.

If you add it up, of course the costs are very large for managing a blog. Imagine all these things, how do they want to become bloggers?

5. Floating target
Do you know why I use the term floating for blogging? Take a guess.

As a blogger who does the above, you definitely know that blogging requires energy, thought and capital. Apart from that, it takes time for the results to be seen whether they are successful or not.

In reality, after we create a blog and write articles, we cannot be sure that the blog will be successful. The quality and uniqueness of articles affects the popularity of a blog and the number of visitors.

Plus, we don’t yet know that the blog can be monetized according to the target. Sometimes the costs incurred are not covered by blogs that are monetized in a matter of months. Isn’t this suitable if building a blog is categorized as floating?

In conclusion
Although there are many things that are challenges to becoming a successful blogger. But the reality in the world of blogging is building a brand (self-brand) and becoming popular. Not only that, a successful blogger can become an astonishing new millionaire like Bung Eka Lesmana. Therefore, becoming a blogger is a calculated choice. What do you think?  

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  1. Sebenarnya ngeblog itu kesenangan tapi gak tahu napa yah kok akhir2 ini semakin serius bangun itu blog padahal sesuai yg di uraikan di atas butuh perjuangan extra dan apa yang kita dapat? jawabya "Masih mengambang"

  2. Walaupun begitu mas katon sumargi membangun blog sangat prospek untuk jangka panjang, jadi biarlah waktu yang menjadi tolak ukurnya. Semoga kita sama-sama sukses didunia ini.

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