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When is it recommended for a blogger to manage multiple blogs?


Jul 10, 2017

It is good news when you can make money from the internet regularly every month. How could it not be, many bloggers end up leaving their jobs in the office and choosing to become full-time bloggers. This is not strange considering the amount of money that can be earned is much greater from office work.

Unfortunately, reaching the level of making money regularly online is not easy. It takes a series of processes, effort, hard work, smart work and time to succeed. This is a situation that most novice bloggers are not aware of. So they think that by creating lots of blogs they will definitely make money. However, in reality, only a few people succeed in a short time. Apart from that, you have to fight harder to succeed.

It’s not wrong if you want to make money from lots of blogs. Because with this, income can be received from various sources. The problem is that if your first blog doesn’t make money, then you widen your work focus and concentration, then you won’t get any income. But what happens is that you feel exhausted and frustrated because after all, making money from a blog cannot be done in just a month or two.

When is it recommended for a blogger to manage multiple blogs?

Then, when should a blogger be advised to create a blog? From the advice of successful bloggers, they suggest the following things.

1. When the first blog makes money regularly every month

If you want to create more than one blog, first make sure your first blog makes money regularly every month.
Not just making money, but this income is truly comparable to the minimum salary of an office employee. So I don’t have to worry about expanding and building new blogs.

However, if it turns out that your first blog has not generated at least 100% of dollars per month from the internet. It’s better for you to focus first on managing it well and correctly. Don’t let your hasty nature lead to excessive work, but poor monthly income.

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2. When you can write your own articles quickly

Basically building a blog refers to a large number of quality articles.
In this way, the hope of attracting a large number of visitors will be greater because many keywords will be targeted.

In relation to managing a blog, it must also be understood that the consequence is that you have to write and publish articles regularly. If you are able to write quickly then one problem is solved. However, if you often have difficulty writing articles quickly, you should first avoid managing multiple blogs.

Forcing yourself to manage many blogs because of the influence of topics with high searches or because of High Paying Keywords will have a bad impact on you and your blog. It’s certain that you are tired of writing articles for hours a day. Not to mention the problem of promotion and looking for backlinks for the blog. So, don’t complicate yourself by facing increasingly complicated situations.

3. When you are sure about the type of money maker you are interested in

There are various money-making programs with blogs or websites, including online shops, affiliate marketing, advertising, selling services, and others.
Even though there are many potential sources for making lots of money, don’t take all the programs provided on the internet.

It is enough for novice bloggers to focus on one program and focus on building a blog related to it. Continue to develop it until your blog’s daily visitors reach thousands or tens of thousands per month. If your monthly income is stable then please develop your next blog.

In conclusion, managing multiple blogs can be a problem (disadvantage) or good news (profit) for their owners. Therefore, first pay attention to where you are when managing your blog. Don’t let your efforts be wasted and end up frustrated or disappointed.

If you manage lots of blogs to increase your monthly income then please do it. However, if you manage a blog to pursue a stable monthly income first, that’s better. What is clear is that you should not allow yourself to blog without economic calculations, effort and time. 

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