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What’s Important is Writing Articles About Bonus Reader Responses


Nov 25, 2015

As a blogger, you should write articles consistently.
The goal is clear so that the blog looks good in the eyes of visitors. That way readers will be spoiled by new, fresher articles. Remember, readers prefer content that is continuously updated.

Apart from that, writing articles regularly is also good for search engines. How can it not be that search engines always need new and unique content. Besides that, as more and more articles are created, keywords in blogs will also increase and spread. Therefore, it is not surprising that these tips and tricks increase your blog’s position in search engines.

What's Important is Writing Articles About Bonus Reader Responses

Because of the importance of this content issue, you should not stop writing articles. Try to explore your creative ideas to overcome writing difficulties. You can look for sources of inspiration in 9 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Articles that Refresh Your Mind .

As for the reader’s response, don’t be too ambitious, the most important thing is to play smart. It may be that currently there are no comments on your blog, but as the blog ages and the number of articles increases, readers’ responses will definitely come out on their own. However, don’t expect too much from your readers when your blog is still new.

The most important thing is to keep writing with perseverance and consistency. Even if what you write doesn’t get readers’ appreciation, don’t give up. However, still maintain your credibility as a blogger. In this way, readers will trust you. After that the reader’s response will definitely flow.

Apart from that, your article writing skills need to be improved. I realize that as a beginner writer it is difficult to compose interactive and communicative words in his writing. That’s what I’ve experienced too (maybe until now).

However, in reality, writing skills will improve on their own with the number of reading references and writing practice. Therefore, just be confident in writing .

What about the number of words to write? Is there a word limit that must be written? If you limit it, it adds more problems, think harder.

Some bloggers recommend a minimum of 400 words per article. The writing service recommends 500-600 words for SEO articles. That is a suggestion for blogs that participate in the Google Adsense program. However, even after your Adsense account is non-hosted, the number of 300 words is not a problem. As long as it has benefits for the reader and a unique response can be obtained.

As a writer, of course the word limit should not be a reference. It doesn’t matter how many words you can think of, as long as you often practice writing more than 1000 words, it can be realized.

Therefore, try to write articles regularly and on a schedule. The reason is that the more the brain is maximized, the better and better the quality of writing creativity will be.

Therefore, first ignore when writing an article whether or not there is a reader response (comment). However, the amount of content greatly influences your credibility as a blogger. So be patient.  

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  1. Sip!!! ini yang namanya motivasi bertenaga, semangat blogger bangkit kembali jika kita membaca tulisan2 yang seperti ini,,, memang menulis adalah nikmat jika kita melakukannya dengan enjoy dan hasilnya pun karya bisa di ketahui orang lain uneg-uneg dalam pikiran pun plong. Ok, makasin min.

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  3. Tenang gan itu dulu juga sering saya alami bahkan kadang muncul samapi hari ini. Lalu apa yang saya lakukan?

    Saya mengakalinya dengan kata-kata yang saya yakin pasti muncul disetiap tulisan baik itu artikel atau buku.

    Contohnya, tidak dapat dipungkiri, memang, pada dasarnya, dengan demikian terkait dengan hal ini, dll.

    Dengan kata-kata tersebut saya lebih mudah melanjutkan tulisan saya.

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    Tapi masih baru ya. Jadi, belum banyak subcribernya.

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