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What Products Should You Buy Online and Which Should Not?


Apr 5, 2023

Technological developments and advances in the internet have made it easier for consumers to carry out transactions online. However, with so many product choices available on the online market, consumers often have difficulty deciding what products they should buy online and which products they should not.

In this article, we will discuss which products should be purchased online and which ones should not, based on data, facts and trusted news sources.

What Products Should You Buy Online and Which Should Not?

Products That Should Be Purchased Online

Clothing and Accessories

Clothing and accessories products are one of the products that should be purchased online. Based on data from Statista, online sales of clothing and accessories reached $759 billion in 2020, and are projected to continue to increase to reach $1.1 trillion in 2025.

With so many choices of online stores offering clothing and accessories products, consumers can easily compare product prices and quality before purchasing. Additionally, many online stores offer easy return policies, so consumers can return items that do not meet their expectations.


Cosmetics and Beauty Care

Cosmetics and beauty care products should also be purchased online. According to a report from Grand View Research, the online cosmetics and beauty care market is expected to reach $81.7 billion by 2025.

Consumers can easily find the cosmetic and beauty care products they need at more affordable prices than buying in physical stores. Additionally, many online stores offer product samples or trials, so consumers can try the product before purchasing.



Electronic products, such as laptops, smartphones and cameras, should also be purchased online. According to a report from eMarketer, online sales of electronic products are expected to reach $591.9 billion by 2024.

Online stores that sell electronic products usually offer cheaper prices and often have attractive special offers or discounts. In addition, consumers can read product reviews from other buyers before purchasing, so they can obtain more accurate information about the quality of the product they want to buy.


Products That Should Not Be Purchased Online

Fresh Food

Fresh food products, such as meat, fish and vegetables, should not be purchased online. Although some online stores offer delivery of fresh food within a short period of time, there is a risk that the product may become damaged or contaminated during the delivery process.

Therefore, consumers should buy fresh food products directly from shops or traditional markets that have fresh supplies and can ensure the quality of the products being sold.


Health Products that Require a Doctor’s Prescription

Health products that require a doctor’s prescription, such as medicines or supplements, should not be purchased online. Consumers need a doctor’s prescription to purchase these health products, and online stores cannot verify the validity of the prescription.

Additionally, health products that require a doctor’s prescription must be stored and used properly, which can be difficult if purchased online.


Antiques or Art Collections

Antiques or art collectibles should not be purchased online, unless consumers can confirm the authenticity and quality of the product. Many fake antique and art products are sold online, so consumers need to be careful before purchasing.

In addition, antiques and art collections usually require in-person inspection to ensure their quality and authenticity. Therefore, consumers should buy this product directly from a trusted physical store. 


In conclusion,
in today’s digital era, buying products online has become easier and more comfortable.
However, consumers must still be careful in choosing the products they buy online. Clothing and accessories, cosmetics and beauty care products, as well as electronic products, are products that are best purchased online because they can get more affordable prices, good quality and attractive offers.

However, fresh food products, health products that require a doctor’s prescription, as well as antiques or art collections, should not be purchased online due to product quality risks and the difficulty of verifying the authenticity and quality of the product. Therefore, consumers should always consider carefully before purchasing products online and ensure that the online shop they use is trustworthy and has a good reputation.

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