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What is the Internet? | Various Facilities from the Sensational Internet


Jun 21, 2015

The very fast development of the world of technology has created a new atmosphere in various ways.
What is most noticeable is of course the existence of the internet which has revolutionized almost all aspects of human life. What is internet?

Why is the internet so popular today? Who can use the internet?

Even though the internet has been around for a long time, in 1969 the internet was just a computer network formed by the United States Defense Council (USA) with its ARPANET (Advanced Research Project Agency Network) project.
This department implements/demonstrates a more modern way of communicating, namely long distance without telephone lines.

The initial mission was only for military defense purposes, but over time it developed rapidly and finally in 1990, because the internet was widely used by universities/academics and government, it began to gradually become open to the public and can be enjoyed freely as it is now.

What is the Internet?  |  Various Facilities from the Sensational Internet

What is internet?

The Internet (Interconnection Networking) is a communication network that is open globally and is capable of connecting all computer networks with various types of equipment (PC, Laptop, Mobile Phone, etc.) and through the type/form of communication network better known as Transmission Control Protocol (TCP) or Internet Protocol (IP).

With the internet, people can communicate freely without being restricted by countries.
The internet has really changed the way people live and think, becoming more practical and economical. The internet has brought great benefits to people’s daily lives. Especially because there are so many internet functions.

Facilities available on the internet

To meet the interests of its users, the internet has several facilities, namely

1.  WWW  ( World Wide Web )

With the World Wide Web (WWW) we can retrieve, organize and even display various information (including text, audio, video and images).

2.  E-Mail  (Electronic Mail)

It is a facility for sending letters/news with other people without limits, time or space.
Email is one of the oldest and most popular media for accessing information.

3.  Mailing List

A mailing list is a place for discussion groups with a list of email addresses that have the same likes/hobbies or interests.

4.  Bulletin Board System ( BBS )

BBS is a place to store files or messages that correspond to predetermined topics.
Each BBS has an “administrator”. The way to use BBS is via Telnet.

5.  Telnet

This facility is used to enter a particular computer system and work on other computer systems.

6.  Chatting

It is an internet facility for communicating (chatting) directly with other people.
This chat can be in the form of text, voice or even video.

7.  Newsgroup

This facility is used for long-distance conferencing.

8.  FTP ( File Transfer Protocol )

It is a file transfer facility from one computer to another computer connected to the internet network.
This can be in the form of sending files (upload) or retrieving files (download).

If you consider the various facilities available on the internet, of course it will attract more and more people’s attention to use them.

Things that are advantages of the internet include:

1. Global Connectivity and Reach

The internet network is connected globally and is not limited by space and time, whether by region, country or continent.

2. 24 Hour Nonstop Access

Internet access is not affected by time of day, therefore you can use the internet freely both day and night, because there are no stopping hours for internet access.

3. Flexible in interacting

You can interact on the internet with other people in any country by chatting and being flexible.

4. Speed

Getting information and communicating on the internet is very easy and fast compared to conventional (manual) methods.

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