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What is the ideal number of posts that appear on the blog homepage


Feb 7, 2016

Many people think that to attract readers the number of posts on the homepage is very important.
It is true that to attract visitors this can be a consideration. In fact, in some cases this amount plays a very important role in adding to the beauty and comfort of the reader.

What is the ideal number of posts that appear on the blog homepage

However, it turns out that an inappropriate number of blogs can have an impact on the effectiveness of the blog itself in attracting potential visitors.
How can these settings not affect the speed (loading) of the blog? It should be noted that fast blog loading is the most important aspect for attracting lots of potential visitors (Read:
Slow Blog Loading | Successful Visitor Run ).

Apart from that, loading the blog also means that readers don’t have to wait a long time to read an article. However, slow blog loading can ruin the mood of readers before they see the contents of the article.

Not only that, setting too many posts can make readers confused about which articles to read. Basically, there’s nothing wrong with setting a large number of posts to 10 or more. However, I see this as a detrimental step. Remember, in a blog a reader usually only focuses on 1 or 2 supporting articles. If they get more than 7 supporting articles, they will usually leave if the first article they read is less than impressive.

Another consideration before you determine the number of posts on the blog homepage is image size. For clear images or photos, a blogger usually chooses a standard size. Of course, the size is quite large, starting from 50kb-100kb.

If this is applied to a blog home page with a large number of posts it will definitely increase the loading weight of the blog. Of course, this will harm you without you even realizing it.  

I suggest you set the number of posts that appear on the homepage to approximately 4-7. Even then, you have to know about the size of the image you are using. The hope is that potential readers will not have to wait long to focus on several core article titles. Especially if the blog template you use is auto readmore with images which of course only read a small (short) part of the article. Remember, smart visitors prefer a simple appearance with quality article presentation.

Maybe you have visited the blog Dailyblogtips blog. The ideal display of posts on the homepage is able to attract potential visitors to read. Even though on the home page there are around 12 article titles. However, the owner does not display images on the front page so loading is lighter. Even so, the blog is still busy and is still a reference blog for several beginner bloggers. Because what concerns blog owners is the quality of the articles presented. Read: Secret Tips on How to Write Good Articles for Readers

So, pay attention to the blog template you use if you use auto readmore and images. Don’t force a display that only has a small impact on your comfort, but has a big impact on the reader’s comfort. How? 

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