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What is Google Adsense?


Jul 2, 2015

Google Adsense is a type of online advertising with a Pay Per Click (PPC) system.
Google Adsense is the most common and most well-known PPC program among online business people both domestically and even abroad. Of course this program is

One way to make money from a blog that is quite easy for anyone to do.

Why choose Google Adsense?

Compared to most PPC programs on the internet, both global PPC and
local Indonesian PPC, this program offers a relatively high per-click commission. Just imagine, Google Adsense dares to pay publishers from $0.01 to several dollars for just one click.

If you have a blog that has a high advertising value and is busy with hundreds of visitors every day, out of those hundreds, only 50 people click on AdSense ads, isn’t this fantastic for your blog?

Not only that, it turns out that the Google Adsense program can also monetize videos through Google’s application, namely YouTube.
If your hobby is making original videos, you can upload them to YouTube which have been monetized by Adsense.

How do you register for Google AdSense?

If you want to register for this program, there are 2 ways, namely

1. Through YouTube media

2. Through Blogger media

If you want to register via YouTube, first create a Google account (Gmail) which can be used for all Google facilities such as YouTube and Blogger and others.
Then upload several videos as content media that are registered with Google AdSense.

If you want to register via blogger media, you must have a blog that contains at least 10 – 20 article titles, then you can start registering with Google AdSense.
However, before registering, start
writing content that is unique and attracts lots of visitors so that your chances of being accepted are greater. You can start by creating pillar content . Pillar content is content that is the soul of your blog, which will usually become the popular content of your blog.

Google Adsense only allows 1 account for publishers, you cannot have more than 1 Adsense account, this is because 1 Adsense account is enough to monetize all of Google’s applications.

Adsense ads can be placed on Blogspot and YouTube.
Specifically for Blogspot, you can create 100 blogs with different topics.

Why was your account rejected by Google Adsense?

Many people have registered their blogs to become Google Adsense publishers many times and the results have failed, why?
If your blog is one of those rejected by Adsense, then perhaps you have not fulfilled the following:

1. Content that is just titles and images is not accepted.
This indicates that your article content has not met Google’s expectations. This is because your content should only contain no more than 300 words. Good content should have 400 words per article, the more the better.

2. Incomplete navigation menu.
Google judges that your blog is too difficult to crawl. Menus that you can install include: Home / Home, About You, Your Contacts, Privacy Policy, and Blog Sitemap.

If you still experience rejection from Google Adsense, you can also use other people’s services to register for Adsense.
You can search on search engines for maybe around 100,000 rupiah.

How does Google AdSense pay your commission?

Google will pay you a commission if you have collected $100 each month, but if you haven’t collected $100 in a month then your commission will be accumulated to the next month until it reaches $100 and then the commission will be given to you.

There are several ways Google pays you, namely:

1. Western Union

2. Via Check

3. Wire Transfer

Warning for Google AdSense publishers

When participating in this program there are rules that you must pay attention to so as not to be banned by Google:

1. Don’t click on your own Adsense ads on purpose

2. Don’t tell/direct other people to click on ads on the blog You

3. Don’t create content that is copypasted directly from other people’s blogs.

4. Don’t place advertisements on empty pages

5. Don’t place more than 3 Adsense ads on your blog

6. Don’t change the Adsense html code

Stay on the right track, believe in your abilities, work hard and work smart with patience to get brilliant results.
You can also make money with Affiliate Marketer if you get stuck on Google Adsense. Or you can try Alternative Google Adsense. Keep up the spirit and good luck. 

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