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What is an Affiliate Marketer?


May 17, 2015
What is an affiliate marketer?
This is an online marketing activity, where your job is to market other people’s products. Then when the product sells, you will get a commission. The amount of commission varies depending on
The product owner’s policy starts from 4%   – 6% of the product price even

in certain products, for example digital products, it can be more than 50% of the product price.

Why choose to join as an affiliate marketer?
If you are interested in making money then becoming an affiliate marketer could be an opportunity for you. The way affiliate marketers work can be said to be simple and the income prospects are extraordinary. This can be a passive income for you.
There are 2 types of affiliate service provider sites, namely:
1.   Marketplace Affiliate Sites – namely affiliate sites that are supported by many vendors (product providers). This site has a ton of products that you can promote. For example  www.Amazon.com .

  Non-Marketplace Affiliate Sites – namely affiliate sites that are only provided by one vendor. If you have the ability to create products (could be books, e-books, cameras, or any product) you can set up your own affiliate site. An example of this site
is www.Jefferlysuperclub.com .
If you are not yet an affiliate marketer, the advantages of the affiliate marketing program can be a consideration for you before trying it, namely:

1.   Relatively cheap costs

. Compared to building a shop on the side of the road, becoming an affiliate marketer is just a table, a computer connected to the internet and some auxiliary software.

2. Can sell any product. 

In modern and developed countries, almost all goods are purchased online.
In developing countries, many goods are starting to be purchased online, such as books, software, electronics, CDs and so on. There are tens of thousands of affiliate programs that you can choose to promote.
No need to have stock.

As an affiliate marketer, you can sell large items such as furniture and electronic goods without having to worry about where to put the stock.
That is the merchant’s business.
No need to process orders.

Forget about the problems that can arise from collecting names, addresses, credit cards and so on.
The merchant handles all of that.
No need to worry about shipping.

The costs and hassle of preparing and sending products to customers around the world are the responsibility of the merchant, not you.
No need for Customer Service.

Having customers is a good thing, but when you have to deal with customer complaints and sometimes there are customers who are really fussy and chatty, you will be grateful as an affiliate marketer because your merchant has to handle all those complaints. .
Worldwide market

The Internet is the largest market in the world.
You can bring visitors to your online shop from all over the world.
Small risk.

If you don’t succeed in getting income from the product you are promoting, just throw it away, replace it with another product by changing the link on your website.
Just that. There are no contracts / commitments that require you to sell certain products.
Work from home

Working from home is often a dream for many workers who have to spend a long time just to get to work.
Parents have more time for their family when working from home.
10. Huge earning potential
Potensi income yang Anda hasilkan tergantung kerja keras Anda dan impian Anda.
Ada affiliate marketer yang menghasilkan ratusan ribu US dollar atau Milyaran
rupiah per bulan, bukan per tahun. Tetapi ada juga affiliate marketer yang puas
dengan hasilkan sepuluh juta rupiah per bulannya. Itu pilihan Anda sendiri.
How to market affiliate products?

Just like selling online, there are various ways to market affiliate products.
Most affiliate marketers use the following media to market affiliate products.

are a valuable and versatile asset in online business.
Take advantage of your blog to market affiliate products. The way is to build a blog that is busy and has lots of readers, then occasionally insert affiliate product promotions on the blog. This can be done through a promotional banner placed in the sidebar of the blog or through content that you write inserted in the post (this is called soft-selling).

, namely a mini website containing 2 – 7 pages whose goal is to promote products to the point by directing, attracting and convincing readers to buy the products we are promoting (this is called hard-selling).
Via Social Media

Can be via Facebook and Twitter or other social media.

You can also use email for affiliate product marketing, namely using the list building technique.
List building is a marketing technique where you create a list containing a collection of email addresses. So you can promote products to that address. If you want to learn list building you can learn on the site
www.belajarlistbuilding.com .
How do they pay your commission

if you have been able to collect money in the program.
Then how can you collect the commission? In the affiliate marketing program you can be paid in one of these ways, including: direct cash, Payoneer (
www.payoneer.com ), Paypal ( www.paypal.com ), Egold, and others.
If you prefer programs that are not online businesses, you can try the pay per click program by becoming a Google Adsense publisher . Good luck. 

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