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What is Alexa Traffic Rank?


Jun 23, 2015

For the majority of bloggers, especially those who have been blogging for a long time, Alexa traffic rank is a term that is familiar to their ears.
The increasingly small Alexa traffic rank is clear evidence of the consistency and seriousness of the blogging they have built. Blogs that have a small Alexa traffic rank

indicates that their blog has become an authority blog (reference) on the topic they are involved in.

So what is Alexa traffic rank and why is it important for a blog?

Alexa traffic rank is the ranking of a particular blog or site.
The assessment is based on history from data that occurred within a certain period of time (months) collected from an Alexa toolbar user. And also based on traffic data sources whose calculations refer to the number of visitors and the number of page views of the blog / site.

Alexa traffic rank data collection is carried out by Alexa.com which is still owned by Amazon.com.
Blogs / sites have different Alexa traffic ranks. Newly created blogs/sites usually don’t have an Alexa ranking yet. When the blog/site is old, has article content and is starting to be visited regularly by readers, the Alexa traffic rank will appear.

For Alexa ranking, the blog/site traffic rank starts from the largest (can be tens of millions. My initial blog had an Alexa of more than 17 million) to the smallest (rank 1 like Google or Facebook).
Why do Google and Facebook have the smallest Alexa? This is because Alexa calculates based on the popularity of the site. Currently Google and Facebook are the 2 most searched sites on the internet.

Back to discussing Alexa traffic rank.

For those of us who are independent bloggers, is it important to have an Alexa traffic rank?

This depends on each individual.
The reason is quite simple. For those of you who have a blog just to share experiences, hobbies, vent and so on, Alexa ranking is not that important. Just know that fellow friends are around.

As for those of you who have a blog for commercial purposes, of course Alexa ranking is very important.
Blogs that are built with the vision and mission of earning extra money with a small Alexa ranking are very much needed. A small Alexa ranking indicates that the blog is busy being visited and read by many people.

With Alexa traffic rank getting smaller the opportunity to monetize your blog becomes easier.
Blog monetization can take the form of PPC such as
Google Adsense , affiliates, renting out independent advertising space, and many more depending on the topic the blog is discussing. (read: How to Choose the Best Topic for Your Blog )

Alexa traffic rank is inversely proportional to the page rank of a blog, where the bigger the page rank, the better.
Page rank is calculated from 1 to 10. More details require a separate discussion. 

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