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What is a Blog? And the Benefits


Jun 3, 2015

A blog is an application that accommodates writings and images contained as content posts.
Blogs also include websites on the internet. Blogs are one of the media

managed personally even when filling in content and asking for other people’s services.

Blogs are a medium for creating free art.
The content of the blog can contain free writing and images as long as it is interesting and useful for other people. Everyone can create a blog easily without special skills in complex HTML coding.

There are various free blogging platforms available on the internet such as Blogger.com, WordPress.com, Drupal, Joomla and many others.
Even though it differs slightly from paid ones in terms of advantages, free blogs are still in great demand, especially by internet beginners.

Several things you can do with a blog

1. As a medium for expressing a work.

Through a blog you can share posts containing daily activities about your skills, hobbies and skills.

2. As a medium for other people to become better known through information

Blogs make you a new internet celebrity through the information you write.
This will be more visible if the information you convey has an element of educating other people.

3. As a
way to make money. 

It is no surprise that blogs have become the new prima donna for making money.
Someone is even motivated to create a blog just to chase money. Indeed, blogs that are in great demand by visitors can easily make money because you just have to choose what monetization is most suitable for your blog.

Monetizing a blog depends on the content of the blog, whether it is suitable for the
local Indonesian PPC program, programs (such as:Google Adsense , Infolinks, Adsensecamp and others), affiliate marketers (such as ClickBank and Amazon), or other monetization. 

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