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What does good business look like? One Question That Annoys Entrepreneurs


Oct 28, 2019

Talking about business certainly cannot be separated from what is called business or entrepreneurship. However, one question that we may often hear is ” What kind of business is a good business ?”

Referring to the Wikipedia website, “the definition of business in economics is an organization that sells goods or services to consumers or other businesses, to make a profit.

Historically, the word business comes from the English language business, from the basic word busy which means “busy” in the context of an individual, community or society.
In other words, busy doing activities and work that brings profit.”

Based on the meaning above, it can be said that business is an effort to sell goods or services to gain profit or profit from potential buyers.
The sales media can be through word of mouth, social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter), marketplace (Tokopedia, Shopee, Bukalapak, Lazada, Blibli) or you can sell on your own online shop website.

What does good business look like?  One Question That Annoys Entrepreneurs

Then the question is, what kind of business is a good business?

If you sell a physical product, bags, shoes, clothes, etc. then this can be categorized as a business.
Likewise, if you sell logo design services, banners, website creation, etc., it is still a business. Even if you sell other people’s digital products such as Tools Dropship Marketplace (
MrHands Dropship ), Access to Online Digital Marketing Classes ( Goodpixelpro Private Class ), or Ebooks ( UKM Upgrade ), or Blogspot Online Shop Templates ( Zelda Online Shop) or Selling Tools for Managing Instagram ( Gramkosh ).

Answering the question above, there is actually nothing wrong if your business sells various products or goods or services of any type.
The most important thing is that the business you own has a clear and precise target market of potential buyers. Because in any sales effort, if there are no potential buyers to target, sales will not occur.

Referring to this problem and various input or suggestions or many words from online business people that I read.
So almost everyone agrees that “good business is business that is run immediately”.

To what extent have you studied business/enterprise theory and have a mature plan by studying the percentage of success and have estimated the impact or risks that might arise afterwards.
However, if you don’t start your business immediately (take action) then you can be sure your business will not grow. You are busy dreaming that if this business results could be like this, if that business the results would be like that.

Thinking too much means you don’t start practicing right away.
The worst consequence is that the longer you think, the further away you are from the mindset (way of thinking) of a successful entrepreneur. If that happens then it is very unfortunate that your chances of becoming a successful businessman/entrepreneur/entrepreneur are getting smaller.

A good business is a business that is carried out immediately, whatever the type of business . Be enthusiastic if you already have a business, keep trying good sales techniques and fix any problems or sales methods that are less effective. That way you will be closer to success. 

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