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Valuable Benefits of Paid Domains for Bloggers


Jun 2, 2017

There is no doubt that a paid domain has great advantages for building a blog. Indeed, when you want to create a blog, there is a choice of free domains and paid domains. It’s all up to you because each choice can be considered from several important aspects such as your financial situation, or whether you can’t write articles yet (still in the learning writing stage).

Apart from that, there are still further considerations that you must know if you are interested in creating a blog with a paid domain. At least there is a choice of paid domain from free hosting such as Blogger.com (often called a custom domain) or choose a paid domain with paid hosting (what professional bloggers usually use is the self-hosting WordPress CMS).

Valuable Benefits of Paid Domains for Bloggers

It all comes back to you because people’s goals for entering the world of blogging are also different. Some bloggers choose to create blogs to tell about their personal lives. If this is your goal then I think a free domain is enough for many people to know. However, if you want to get more attention from readers, a paid domain is recommended.

This is because paid domains provide a perspective that the life you are telling comes from someone who deserves to tell the story. Thus, most of them definitely think that the stories you write on your blog are able to provide inspiration or valuable knowledge.

It’s different if you choose a free domain. Even though your writing is actually interesting, that doesn’t cover their first impression that you might not be worthy of telling the story for some reason.

Meanwhile, if your goal is to make money from the internet, such as PPC (Pay Per Click) such as Google Adsense, then using a paid domain is good enough. You can become a full advertising publisher with a paid domain as long as your website meets the requirements. Apart from that, once you are accepted with a paid domain, you are free to display advertisements on all your websites without having to go through website reviews one by one. Don’t know Google Adsense yet?

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Meanwhile, for free domains from Blogger.com, you can only register the Google Adsense program one by one. This means that if you have 2 or more blogs with a free domain from Blogger.com then each website must get approval one by one. So, you could say it requires extra hard work.

If you choose to create a blog for affiliate marketing or online sales purposes, then you must use a paid domain for the blog. Even if you ask experienced blog masters, I’m sure most of them will recommend that you use a paid domain and paid hosting because the benefits are more complex.

That’s why if you really want to create a blog, first determine your main goal. That way, your efforts remain on the right track to build and develop your blog.

So, if you want to create a blog just to share experiences, you can choose a free domain. After all, if you want a paid custom domain, it’s easy to do. However, if you have a target of creating a blog for affiliate marketing or an online shop, try choosing a paid domain and paid hosting.

There is indeed a difference in price if you just buy a paid domain. Usually cheaper because it doesn’t come with paid hosting. However, there are hosting service providers that provide free paid domains for every type of hosting purchased. What’s that? DEWAWEB CLOUD HOSTING

This hosting service provider provides friendly price options for its customers with superior quality. So it is not surprising that websites like Traveloka use Dewaweb’s services. For the lowest hosting, around 15 thousand per month or 180 thousand per year plus a free paid domain. Just imagine if you just bought a paid domain? At least the costs you have to pay are around 100 thousand – 140 thousand per year.


Therefore, if you want to create a blog with paid hosting plus a free paid domain bonus, please register at ” DEWAWEB.COM

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