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Uncovering the Mystery of Why Writing is Difficult


Dec 27, 2017

Do you find it difficult to write?

Do you feel you have no talent for writing?

Thinking about writing there may be a variety of reasons why some people struggle to write.
Not to judge, but in reality many people are insecure when discussing writing. How could it not be, the activity of writing can be said to be difficult and easy. Moreover, for those who are unfamiliar with the hobby of reading, you could say that writing is like a serious problem that is difficult to solve.

It’s true that not everyone assumes that.
However, when referring to daily activities, most Indonesians who are “sorry” are considered lazy in thinking. So it’s natural that they have a little phobia about writing activities. However, Indonesian people are actually quite unique.


In certain cases, someone who experiences a depressed psychological condition can actually struggle extraordinarily.
This is evidenced by changes in their perspective on the problem.

Example: someone who is in debt due to being cheated or poor economic conditions actually leads to increased creativity and innovation in seeking fortune.
What happened was that they struggled as hard as they could to find all the information and knowledge that they believed could change their lives. Because of this, they consider all obstacles or obstacles as challenges that must be faced. They never give up and try so they can reach the highest point of their target. So don’t be surprised if after that they become extraordinary individuals.

This condition often applies to the world of writing.
If you think writing is easy then it will be easy. On the other hand, if you think writing is difficult then your brain will think that writing is indeed difficult.

Uncovering the Mystery of Why Writing is Difficult

From here you should realize something, what is it?

A mindset that forms in your brain is the key to whether you can do something or not.

Writing is not as easy as saying it.
However, if you look at some famous writers who sometimes only started writing when they were in their teens or 20s, what do you need to pay attention to?

“Writing is a science that can be learned.”
This is the reality.

So if you think writing is difficult then this is a ridiculous statement.
Whoever you are and whatever your profession (job), you can write as long as you are willing to learn. What you need to do is like something related to writing, such as reading, listening and practicing writing.

Please increase your time to read, be it reading books, articles, newspapers, magazines etc.
Apart from that, you have to be a smart listener. Namely listeners who are able to understand what you hear and use it as writing material. After that, train your mind to turn what you have read, heard and understand into writing.

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You don’t need to be perfect to judge your own writing because this can become a stronghold that makes your self-confidence decrease.
It’s better for you to keep writing and increase the amount of writing. Whether you realize it or not, after a while, your writing skills will definitely get better and better. If you do this often then there is no reason why writing is difficult to do. So what have you done? 

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  1. Semua orang bisa menulis. Untuk lulus TK sampai lulus kuliah butuh kemampuan menulis.

    Yang masalah karena selama ini kebanyakan orang terpola pada pemikiran bahwa menulis itu wilayahnya wartawan, dosen, akademisi, penulis, ilmuwan. Jadi, ada rasa enggan untuk masuk ke dunia itu. Mayoritas berpikir bahwa menulis itu adalah kerjaan orang serius saja.

    Satu lagi adalah karena banyak yang tidak mau terjun karena tidak menghasilkan. Mereka melihat menulis sulit menghasilkan uang dan butuh prosedur panjang untuk bisa meraup duit.

    Jadilah, rata-rata orang malas untuk menulis

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