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Top 11 Most Effective Ways to Make Money from the Internet


Oct 8, 2015

Nowadays online business opportunities on the internet promise more money to become rich.
So it is not surprising that many people change professions to become workers via the internet. One proof of this is that new millionaires are starting to emerge. What is even more surprising is that some of them are former free rangers, former construction workers or other unskilled laborers.

The internet does promise a tempting income for its users.
Just imagine the income you earn is much greater (can be tens of times higher) than working as a factory worker, civil servant or office employee. Of course this will be a new breakthrough for us to become the next millionaires.

Top 11 Most Effective Ways to Make Money from the Internet

However, it turns out that some people are still confused about the internet.
What methods should be followed to make money. Apart from that, how do you choose the right one?

There are at least several ways to make money from the internet

1. Publisher Iklan PPC

The first way to make money is to become a PPC (Pay Per Click) ad network publisher.
To be able to participate in this program you need a blog or website. No need to worry because this program does not require you to have a TLD (Top Level Domain / paid domain) blog. Free blogs can also become publishers such as ”
Blogger.com “.

If you can write on a blog with lots of useful articles and have enough loyal visitors then you will definitely be accepted as a publisher.
Besides that, you don’t need to be afraid because the PPC program actually pays the publisher. So it’s not surprising if you see many Indonesian people who are successful from this program.

The way this program works is quite easy, that is, if a visitor clicks on an ad, you as the publisher will get a commission.
The amount of the commission depends on how much the advertiser is willing to pay.

One PPC that is in great demand is Google Adsense.
This program is a favorite for most bloggers in the world, including beginner bloggers from Indonesia. Even big sites like “Kompas.com”, “Datik.com”, “Tribunnews.com”, “Viva.co.id” and many other big sites. Another advantage of the Adsense program is that you can use 1 Adsense account for hundreds of blogs, no matter what language your blog is in.

Google Adsense is not the only PPC program looking for money.
There are still other global PPCs that have abundant money potential, namely Infolinks.com, Chitika.com and Bidvertiser.com. Meanwhile, for local PPC there are “IdBlogNetwork.com”, “KumpulBlogger.com”, “ClickAku.com”, “AdsenseCamp.com” and others.

2.  Upload Video Youtube

Do you have a hobby of making videos?
What video do you make, a tutorial, a funny scene, a strange event or something else. As long as the video is unique and interesting to watch, you are lucky because this method is suitable for you to make money.

“Youtube.com” is a company owned by Google so it can be monetized through the Google Adsense program.
This program calculates commissions based on the number of views per thousand and based on ad clicks that occur.

Therefore, you only need to upload a unique video and wait for YouTube users’ response.
If your video is watched by many people, you can quickly collect money. One way to maximize YouTube is to upload hundreds or thousands of videos.

3. Independent Advertising

The purpose of independent advertising is that you provide empty space on your blog for other people to rent.
People want to place their advertisements on your blog because of 2 things, namely the large number of visitors and the suitability of the blog topic to what they are advertising.

This method is more profitable because it does not involve third parties such as the Adsense program.
So the rental costs that come in are completely yours. With independent advertising like this you can earn IDR 100 thousand per month and sometimes even higher.

The most popular ad format sizes are 728 × 90, 300 × 250 or 125 × 125. The key to independent advertising is building a blog that has lots of visitors.
So you must have a good article SEO strategy.

4. Online Store

Creating an online shop is no longer a strange thing.
Many entrepreneurs have opened online stores. Although online stores sell their own products. But basically to create an online shop you don’t have to have your own products. Just pay attention to the condition of the people around you. If it is a small home industrial area, you can start there. It doesn’t matter if it’s furniture, accessories or other products. As long as it has a high selling value, you can offer the product.

All you have to do is put up a product photo that can attract visitors.
If a purchase transaction occurs, you start buying the product from a neighbor to send to your online buyer.

As for the dropship system, I don’t agree.
Dropship is a buying and selling system where sellers sell goods to buyers through the intermediary of a third party as the owner of the goods. However, the goods sent are not actually known to the seller. If a complaint occurs from the buyer who is fully responsible for the goods, not the seller, but a third party. Therefore, this system is a buying and selling system that contains elements of gambling and should be avoided.

Example of online store ”

5. Affiliate Marketing

Affiliate marketing is slightly different from independent online stores or dropshipping.
Affiliate marketing is a money-making program by offering other people’s (third party) products through a blog or website.

Your only task is to review in detail the advantages and benefits of a product so that you can direct visitors to visit the site and buy the product.
If a buying and selling transaction occurs, you will get a commission from the product owner.

One of the affiliate marketing provider sites is Amazon.com, which is the largest online store.
Apart from that, there are various products offered, both tangible products and digital products. Other global sites are “ClickBank.com”, Commission Junction and others.

It is true that global sites have high commissions.
However, there’s no harm in trying local affiliate sites, namely “Lazada.com”, “Blibli.com”, “Elevenia.com”, “Ratakan.com” or “Yukbisnis.com”.

6.  Paid to Review

Paid to review is a marketing breakthrough by developers to advertise their commercial sites, products or services through brokers (review service providers who connect advertisers with publishers).
The goal is to ask other people (publishers) through brokers to provide reviews about commercial sites, products and services from advertisers. If it matches the review, the advertiser will pay the broker and publisher.

The amount of commission that can be earned ranges from $5-$200.
That’s quite a large amount of money, isn’t it? One of the providers of this service is “Sponsoredreviews.com”, “ReviewMe.com”

7. Article Writing Services

If you understand the basics of journalism and are able to write good, quality articles.
So that is your valuable capital to earn income via the internet. How could it not be, nowadays blogging is popular almost everywhere.

Some bloggers are sometimes still beginners in creating quality articles so they prefer to buy articles.
Apart from that, bloggers who build dozens of blogs also need articles because they are impossible to manage alone.

You can take advantage of these two opportunities to open a writing service.
For article commissions, you can discuss with potential buyers whether per article or wholesale. But what is clear is that you have to guarantee that the article is interesting and unique.

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8. Sales Letter Services

Almost the same as writing regular articles.
However, the difference lies in the purpose for which they are made. A sales letter is a purchase letter intended to attract visitors to want to buy a product. The length of the sales letter review ranges from 3-10 pages.

So you will be asked to write an article that discusses just one product and must be able to convince visitors to buy that product.
The rates themselves vary. In America, quality sales services can reach $5,000 or more. However, because in Indonesia you might get IDR 500 thousand to IDR 5 million for one quality sales letter. An example of a sales letter is “Formulabisnis.com”.

9.  Paid Download

This is a program that is suitable for film or cartoon lovers.
It cannot be denied that many children and teenagers like films and cartoons. If you are able to provide download links for popular videos, mp3s or other files, you will get money.

Paid download commissions are usually calculated based on per 1000 downloads, which is $5.
However, it turns out that many have succeeded. One of them is the site “Naruchigo.com” with several of its flagship cartoons.

10. Sell Photos

It turns out that photos are also a way to make money too.
If you like taking photos and want to commercialize those photos via the internet, don’t worry, it can be arranged. 

There are several sites that are willing to pay for your quality photos including “Istockphoto.com”, “ShutterStock.com”, “Alamy.com”, “Fotolia.com”, “BigStockPhoto.com” and others.

11. Application

Now anything can happen, one of which is earning money through applications.
Applications have become a secondary need for some teenagers, adults and even children. If you are able to create useful applications, whether software applications or just games, you can become a new millionaire.

Even though the application is simple, don’t hesitate to commercialize it.
One proof is that a porter was able to earn millions of rupiah relying on game applications for small children.

You need to remember that large companies such as Google, Apple and other large companies often buy applications from developing countries to add sophisticated features to their brands.

In conclusion,
make money from the internetit is very varied. Don’t use all the methods I mentioned, but only choose 1 or 2 that you think are the most effective and don’t easily switch methods. Focus is the main key to success so don’t be influenced by successful bloggers here and there. Of the 11 methods above, which one did you choose? 

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