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Tips to Increase Work Efficiency for Beginner Businesspeople


May 21, 2017

You should increase your work efficiency because it is a measure that you are working intelligently. Many people don’t pay attention to how they work, so businesses that should be able to develop quickly have to be delayed for longer.

Indeed, I realize that not all businesses can be developed in a short time.
In fact, there are businesses that take days or months to become known to the public. Therefore, work efficiency can be a differentiator.

Maybe you see some people working overtime until late at night or still working on weekends as hard workers.
However, you need to realize that this does not yet reflect that he is working efficiently. It could be that the work he does is not great in planning so that only fatigue comes to him because his business is growing well.

Regardless of your strong determination at work, it is a good idea for you to think about the extent of your work efficiency.
This is very important considering there is a big difference between working hard and working smart. Maybe in terms of results there are similarities in quality, but isn’t not burdening yourself with work also a way to maintain health?

Tips to Increase Work Efficiency for Beginner Businesspeople

Tips to increase work efficiency for novice business people

1. Manage your working time well

Talking about work cannot be separated from feeling tired.
Whether it’s because it uses a lot of thought or energy. Therefore, time management can be the first solution to increase your work efficiency.

When you start a business, it is certain that the responsibilities you bear are very large.
This is not surprising because in this phase you have to juggle various work tasks.

Indeed, you can pay employees for planning, organizing and controlling your business, but because your business is still very new, the risk of failure is still very large.
So in this case imposing a lot of responsibility on employees still needs further consideration. Especially if you don’t know the character and personality of your employees.

In this situation, you definitely need extraordinary stamina to carry it out.
However, I am sure that with a load like that, it is very likely that you will not last long. Therefore, you really need to manage your working time.

2. Have enough rest time

I understand that when you set up a business the buyer is the key.
That’s why you keep trying so that buyers are not disappointed with the products and services. That way he will buy more from you and your business will get bigger quickly.

The problem is that for this purpose, there is a big possibility that you will prepare too much time.
As a result, your rest time decreases. You also have to consider the condition of your body. Don’t let being too ambitious in business make you lose sleep.

However, a potential business will be able to develop well if your stamina is healthy and fit.
Without it, when you experience a loss you will quickly become discouraged because not getting enough rest results in stress easily.

3. Have work priorities

As a businessman, it is not uncommon to want to do all the tasks yourself in order to achieve success.
Even though it’s okay for you to do this because there is no income that is more enjoyable than earning your own business. But you also have to think effectively at work.

Indeed, if you want to eat, you can do anything, but if you carry the responsibility yourself it can result in less than optimal or even bad results.
Therefore, please choose work priorities that you can do optimally, while it is better to hand over other tasks to other people.

4. Provide team discussions

In business, strategic errors often occur so that business growth does not run optimally.
It could even be that because of this your business turnover will decrease.

Therefore, try to hold a team discussion every week or month to discuss your business.
Make sure your employees are willing to express the creative ideas they have related to their duties and responsibilities. Maybe what they think of will be a new technique that is more effective and efficient for the progress of your business.

5. Worship

In the midst of the busy business that you are developing, don’t forget to make time for prayer.
No matter how great your intelligence is in formulating business strategies, try not to forget to worship. It’s not an easy thing when you are preoccupied with your abundant monthly turnover, meaning that worship is often postponed. As a result, worship becomes a forgotten thing over time.

In fact, if you think clearly the purpose of life is to worship Allah.
Therefore, the business you are involved in should direct or make it easier for you to carry out your worship. That way you become a human being who builds this country with kindness. Moreover, there are many benefits of worship that make people healthier and have noble character.

In conclusion, running a business doesn’t always mean hard work.
However, what is no less important is strategy in doing business. Without this, your business could run in limbo. Therefore, continue to improve your work efficiency as a businessman. In this way, your business will develop according to the targets you have planned. 

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