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Tips for Improving Writing Skills Most Effectively and Efficiently


Jan 8, 2016

It has become the main target that writing skills must improve.
Through continued writing habits, the brain will be able to imagine more broadly. That way, the articles will be better and easier for visitors to read. Apart from that, the articles produced are of higher quality so that the target of getting a high position in search engines is wide open.

However, the problem is that we are often faced with unfavorable conditions. Writing skills will not improve instantly. Therefore, effective tips and tricks are needed to make it happen. So what’s the solution?

Tips for Improving Writing Skills Most Effectively and Efficiently


Tips to improve Writing Skills

1. Read a lot

It cannot be denied that reading provides great benefits for the reader.
Reading regularly will be able to improve brain performance so that the experience of reading will be converted into inspiration and imagination. So it’s not surprising that many readers are willing to spend a lot of time sitting at their desk studying. Considering this, I think your writing skills will gradually improve. Remember, the more reading references you study will be directly proportional to your ability to sort and choose effective and efficient words to make sentences that attract readers. Try to compare the sentence structure of the reading you read so that you know which sentences are quality and which sentences are boring.

In this regard, if you often read tangible books or electronic books or just browse on the internet. So you can be sure that your brain’s memory will improve significantly. However, you must still pay attention to the correct way or method of reading. Because by reading correctly, the knowledge you absorb will automatically be optimal for understanding.

2. Write regularly and structured

Some people recommend practicing writing a lot to improve writing skills.
However, the reality is that it does not run smoothly and even tends to be difficult. Why? Some novice writers are often faced with the case of not knowing what to write. It is impossible for the hand to write while the brain is not prepared to create. This doesn’t mean that the brain doesn’t have imagination, but it’s more about things that are structured in creativity.

Maybe it’s easier if you estimate the sub-topics that will emerge from the main topic that you are going to write about. This seems too complicated, but perhaps from this preparation your brain will imagine in a focused and targeted way. You can try looking for it with the 4 Easiest, Fastest and Free Keyword Research Methods

3. Learn how to write well and correctly

As a writer who wants to develop, of course it cannot be separated from a consistent learning process.
Moreover, proper learning can develop a mature mindset and imagination. Even though it has to be a long and tiring journey.

To be able to improve writing skills, a correct foundation must be laid. This doesn’t mean that this method requires you to write while continuously editing, no. However, what you need to know is that there are many writers who have difficulty being creative or imagining because they are constrained by the way they write. Often they underestimate how to write well and correctly so that they unconsciously get stuck in memories of words they wrote wrongly. As a result, they have difficulty finding writing ideas. Although there are 9 ideas for writing articles that will refresh your mind, but if it cannot be optimized it will backfire as a killer.

Indeed, in the world of writing, typos or typos are common for everyone. However, if this continues repeatedly it will result in hampered writing concentration. The impact of course leads to confidence in one’s own abilities. Even so, don’t worry because 6 Ways to Grow Confidence in Writing can overcome this.

4. Pay attention to the mood

There is a slight difference between your mood and the mood of professional writers.
They have their own technical experience and tricks to overcome this. So it’s not strange if they can write a lot in a short time.

We are often busy looking for and exploring great potential, but forget the important thing, namely mood. The potential that exists is very diverse. But a bad mood can ruin everything.

Therefore, it is important for those of you who want to improve your writing skills to maintain the right mood. Maybe you have an effective technique for dealing with writing moods?

A study has come up with an effective idea for dealing with writing moods. You can try it. What’s that? Pomodoro technique. It is a technique that emphasizes time management, namely by focusing on writing everything that comes to mind for 25 minutes then taking a break for 5-10 minutes without thinking about writing. At this time you can drink coffee or other simple activities.

Next, you focus again on the second 25 minutes, then rest again and walk again. With this technique you can improve your writing skills.

5. Habit of conducting evaluations

After you are busy pouring out all your writing ideas in one long sentence, now is the time for you to evaluate the sentence.

Start reading and check your writing. Please look for sentences that are less effective or that contain too many pleasantries. Apart from that, look for sentences that have multiple interpretations, then replace them with easier sentences because this hinders the reader’s understanding of the sentence.

If you combine this method with reading professional writers, I am sure your writing skills will improve significantly.

6. Ask other people’s opinions

One more important thing in improving your writing skills is asking for opinions or corrections from other people.
This method aims to let you know which sentences are still less effective and efficient. Therefore, ask for opinions from people who are better than you in matters of the world of writing.

As an advantage of these writing tips, you may be able to obtain additional information that you have not found. Besides that, at least you will get a way to observe writing from a different perspective. These two advantages can gradually improve your writing skills.

However, the tips above can be an easy way to learn writing for beginners. However, you need to remember that seriousness and sincerity in focusing on becoming a writer can be the key. What is clear is that you continue to increase your motivation to learn and your confidence in writing so that your writing skills will improve with time and practice. How? 

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