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Tips for creating articles that are easy for readers to understand


Feb 18, 2016

To become a good writer, an article is the right benchmark. The problem is that not everyone has writing knowledge so it is not uncommon for us to find some articles that are difficult to understand.
Even at its worst, the writing remains difficult to understand even if read several times.

If you are writing to practice then it is not a serious problem. But in reality, some blog writers write for readers and to make money with various programs. So it is not surprising that this disappoints many readers as a result of which many readers do not want to visit the blog again.

If you experience an incident like this, it is very likely that the blog will continue to be busy with visitors. However, don’t worry because some of the things below can be smart solutions to this problem.

Tips for creating articles that are easy for readers to understand

Tips for making articles that are easy to understand

1. Use common words

This one definitely needs to get more attention before you write the article.
The problem is that in several cases, many novice writers often include words that are not common. These words can be strange slang words or foreign language words that are not familiar to the ear.

Maybe to you this seems trivial and you tend to think that this word shows you are an intelligent writer. However, in reality, words that are difficult to understand make it difficult for readers to think. That’s why it’s not uncommon for them to only read a small part and then leave without returning. If this continues to happen, won’t you lose yourself?

2. Use a good storyline

It is often a problem for novice writers that they start writing straight to the point.
This may seem short and concise, but in essence it actually creates a less interesting reading feeling.

Regarding a good storyline, the most important thing before you write is to pay attention to the core problem that you will discuss. In this way, the composition of the material will be absorbed by readers well without re-reading. In this problem, the correct structure of the article is an introductory paragraph (can be 2-3 paragraphs), the main material and a closing paragraph (usually 1 paragraph in the form of a summary).

3. Use short paragraphs

Another thing that is important in writing articles that are easy for readers to understand is the use of paragraphs.
Indeed, basically there are no special limitations in each paragraph. In one paragraph you can use 10 sentences. However, many experienced writers see that things like this are less effective for a reader, why?

Try to think for a moment whether readers like short paragraphs or long paragraphs?

From here the first choice will definitely appear, namely short paragraphs. Short paragraphs will give the reader a concise and concise impression. Apart from that, short paragraphs tend to be easy to find the essence of the main sentence. Plus, this also has an impact on the clarity of the brain’s thinking. In fact, the brain finds it easier to understand writing based on simple divisions.

Meanwhile, long paragraphs lack the impression of being busy and require more careful thinking. So it is not uncommon for this to make some readers lazy to finish reading even when the article is no more than 400 words.

Reflecting on the above, it seems important for you to often read the writings of professional writers. Look and pay attention to them when writing articles so that what they write really targets the reader. That way, your writing skills will improve (Read: Tips for Improving Your Writing Skills Most Effectively and Efficiently ). Apart from that, your efforts to write articles that are easy for readers to understand will be better. 

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