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Tips for choosing a good blog template


Jul 8, 2015

Actually, choosing a blog template is a common thing for bloggers to do before publishing a post.
However, there are several things you must pay attention to so that what you determine is really good for the long-term continuity of the blog.

Some bloggers choose templates in a hurry.
As a result, after only a short time of use, it is ready to be replaced with a new one. For blog content, updating articles must be done consistently, but in the case of blog templates, they must be differentiated. Updating templates can sometimes maximize the number of visitors but can also endanger the continuity of the blog itself. In essence, readers don’t like changing appearances. What readers want is the content on the blog, not something else.

The function of the template is basically as a background that should not change. On popular blogs you will get a permanent blog display. They consistently use only 1 model even though they have been using it for years. They focus more on the content written. As a result, visitors to their blog keep coming and coming back. The purpose of choosing a template is to provide an attractive appearance for readers. Apart from that, you are able to compete on the SERP and make money according to the program you are following. There are views that are suitable for PPC programs, but not necessarily suitable for affiliate programs. Therefore, you need separate tips to determine it. However, basically determining the best and most appropriate template is influenced by the following things:

Their top bloggers choose to spend some money to get a good and appropriate template. Some even hire professional web designers to get suitable results. They don’t want to take long-term risks on the blogs they build.

1. Fast blog loading. Slow blog loading is usually influenced by the number of accessories, widgets or plugins used. Only install the accessories you need, such as popular posts, recent posts, labels, etc. You should reduce watch accessories, weather forecasts, calendars, and so on so that they don’t slow down blog loading. Try not to load the blog for 5 seconds. 2. Responsive Currently, blogs can be accessed using mobile phones. Therefore, choose a blog template that supports desktop and mobile devices. Google’s algorithm has started to calculate blog rankings in search engines based on their good appearance on both devices.
The purpose of visitors coming is to read the articles in it. Don’t make it difficult for visitors to read on your blog. On the internet, fast loading blogs will get special credit from readers. Don’t let visitors run away before reading the articles you have worked so hard to produce.

Likewise, it must contain SEO optimization so that it is easily indexed by search engines. Try to look at the page source (HTML code display) so you will know more about the advantages and disadvantages of the SEO template. In my opinion, blue is an SEO responsive color.

3. Simple and clean
Blog readers prefer to focus on the article at hand, so try to use a simple and clean appearance. It’s simple because the template size is minimalist and proportional. Don’t choose a very wide display above 1100 pixels. This size usually takes a long time to load.

Clean because the template background is natural (white). This is the best default color. Some templates sometimes use images or photos that are large and brightly colored so that readers don’t focus on the article at hand.

Tips for choosing a blog template for PPC.
The most suitable appearance for this program in my opinion is minimalist (960 – 1000 pixels), SEO responsive on desktop and mobile, 2 columns, fast loading and not many accessories.

Tips for choosing a blog template for affiliates.
A good display in my opinion is 1000 – 1200 pixels, SEO responsive on desktop and mobile, 3 columns, fast loading, and not many accessories.

That’s a little information about easy tips for choosing a good blog template. If you have determined a good template, it means you are ready to start building a blog (Read: Here are 5 Tips for Successfully Starting a Blog ). From the things above, if you still find any shortcomings, please add them in the comments column. 

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