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This is why you should respond to every reader comment


Apr 7, 2017

If you provide a comment form on your blog, it can be said that you want readers to interact by leaving comments after your blog post. That’s a simple reason so that between you and the reader is like the speaker and audience (listeners) at the seminar. So it is not surprising if you hope that they will improve your material into more complete information through suggestions, criticism or other input.

The problem is that not every comment form always attracts the reader’s attention. Especially when referring to poor quality content. Sometimes, because readers are less responsive, their comments only consist of “Thank you”, “Very useful, bro”, I’ll bookmark it, OK!”. Even though comments like this are very likely to fall into the spam category.

However, you should not ignore their writing. It does look like it is not of good quality because comments like that can be attributed to other articles. But considering that the reader is the audience not responding to them means a big mistake.

This is why you should respond to every reader comment

The reason you have to respond to every reader comment

1. Encourage people to comment

Basically, readers will not leave comments so that their writing will not be read.
So don’t be surprised if after commenting readers expect a response from you or other readers immediately. For this reason, take the time to reply to their writing. That way you appear active to readers.

Apart from that, if it turns out that your reply is interesting and gives them satisfaction, then your hope is that they will comment again on the next article.

2. Increase the quality of your blog posts

Each of your answers to readers is often the perfect alternative to add to the quality of blog writing.
How could it not be, when your reply arouses the reader’s interest, the reader’s comments will be more informative. Proof of this is that the brief discussion points will be explained in more detail so that other readers’ complaints can be resolved as well.

If other readers join in, the posting atmosphere will be more lively. Exchanging information and complaints will bear sweet fruit with answers that satisfy everyone. That’s how to build a good blog.

3. Helps improve content SEO

Even though it seems separate, in reality comments on your blog posts can play an important role in increasing search engine optimization.
Comments that have been published will contain a number of keywords that may not have been captured in the post. This would be a great kindness if readers could do this.

Moreover, if when writing articles you focus on main keywords, then to strengthen on-page SEO you need LSI (latent semantic intent) (related keywords). That way, all your post keywords are more varied and more popular with search engines.

4. Proves a social spirit to readers

Psychologically, everyone wants to help solve other people’s difficulties.
There is indeed something that can be seen, but it is not uncommon for them to be too shy to show it.

Coming up with good, quality articles certainly invites readers to comment. From here, force yourself to reply to every comment that comes in. You can’t claim that your writing is perfect. That’s why you need reader comments.

When that happens, your social nature by providing answers will change their way of thinking. Lots of comments will encourage other readers to participate. You can use this condition to increase your social proof to them. For this reason, your blog becomes a comfortable field for social interaction.

5. Helps you build authority and credibility

Apart from the time you take to reply to readers’ comments, you actually get extra benefits.
What’s that?

You need to know that building a blog and yourself having authority and credibility is not easy. Struggle and sacrifice are needed for both of these things.

That’s why it’s a good opportunity when readers want to comment on your blog posts. The appearance of your comments and them slowly leads other readers that you are an expert in that field (niche). So, even if there is a comment that is a little strange, don’t neglect to reply in kind. Otherwise, the impact will be greater.

In general, replying to readers’ comments will reduce your time writing the next article. However, in building a blog you cannot be successful by walking alone. Therefore, don’t hesitate to respond to every reader comment so that your blog runs on the right track. 

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