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This is what makes my blogging motivation increase


Nov 18, 2015

As a blogger, of course blogging motivation is very important.
This is the basic and main capital to take off in the world of blogging. However, one day a blogger will experience what is called laziness and boredom.

This is a normal thing experienced by any blogger throughout the world.
That doesn’t mean I’m looking down on them. However, in reality, activities that are repeated every day are the problem. Most people, whoever they are, definitely want to see something different, even just once, to relieve fatigue.

Apart from this, it doesn’t seem strange if some of them try to reorganize their intentions and passion for blogging. As we know, of the many things that exist, a person needs something called motivation.

This is what makes my blogging motivation increase

In this regard, I want to explain a few things that make me enthusiastic about blogging. Hopefully it’s useful.

Blogging motivation increases

1. Determination to help the family.
However, to be successful a person needs family support. However, this does not mean that children have to make things difficult for their parents and hand over the responsibilities of family members completely to them. As a child, I want to give the best to my parents and make their lives better.

Apart from that, I also want to help my brother pursue higher education. The best hope is that my little brother can grow and develop in sufficient conditions. Therefore, with this blogging I am looking for better and more successful job opportunities.

2. Success of other bloggers
As someone who is still a beginner in this world, motivation is my driving force. It’s not an easy thing for me to do, especially if I often experience disappointment with the results obtained.

As you know, bloggers’ habit is writing content. From here the hard and tiring work begins. Writing articles that are good and enjoyable for readers to read is a big challenge that must be overcome because they have to be unique.

However, I often get things that are the opposite of the target. Visitors not meeting expectations or the blog not being able to be monetized is a tough ordeal.

In this case I try to learn from several successful bloggers. How much hard work they do, the time they take to focus and the breadth of their way of thinking more or less motivates the blogging that I do.

Loving the process and walking the right path leads me to practice patience and experience. Apart from that, they teach that success cannot be done practically or instantly.

3. Writing ability increases. Even though writing is a job that is very brain-draining and mind-numbing. However, there is a positive side that I can take. Know the characteristics of good, quality and SEO friendly articles. As a writer, of course this is extraordinary and very important knowledge and experience. From any perspective, the author has a high opportunity to receive appreciation from other people. However, that doesn’t mean my blogging motivation is limited to the 3 things above. In reality there are other factors that are also important such as
I mentioned above that the blogger’s job is to write. From here I learned to write good articles, how to find ideas and inspiration for writing and even how to produce unique, quality articles for readers.

earning income from blogsand build credibility. Of course this is personal. Likewise, you definitely have personal motivation too. But the most important thing is that it has a positive influence on our lives in the future. 

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