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This is the Deadly Writing Obstacle


Nov 12, 2015

Talking about writing barriers is nothing new for a blogger.
Especially for those who manage blogs personally without using the services of a writer. Apart from being familiar with this problem, they are also able to overcome it.

Therefore, the writing they produce is good and of high quality because they have secret tips on how to write good articles . So don’t be surprised if writing activity is not just a routine thing for them. Writing has become a means of building self-identity. The problem is that not all bloggers are able to write personally. From here various obstacles began to emerge. If this obstacle continues, it is not impossible that no writing will be completed.

How could it not be that by writing we can share with others our best work. For your information, writing on a blog is the newest way to become popular on the internet. Through your writing you can show everyone that you are a writer whose works should be appreciated.

1. Not being confident.
In reality, self-confidence is a classic problem that many people complain about. Often this problem influences emotions to generate ideas and inspiration. As a result, when writing, many people began to appear dissatisfied with their own abilities. Of course, this is a steep path for a deadly writer.

However, it is not impossible to go through. Remember, even a professional writer never feels confident in what he writes. Initially. But over time they found a way to grow their confidence in writing .

2. The writing must be perfect
that as a writer it is actually natural to expect your writing to be perfect. However, for a novice writer, this is difficult to realize. Apart from lack of knowledge, there is also the factor of writing experience.

If you want your writing to be perfect then you won’t have to produce any articles. Moreover, if you rely on the quality of other people’s writing. It’s like writing in someone else’s style so it’s hard to put the words together.

Based on the fact that the length of writing hours will improve the quality of the writing produced. Meanwhile, your language style will also change to be more effective and communicative. Therefore, don’t expect it to be perfect, just be sure that what you write is useful for other people.

3. Busy with the opening paragraph
As writers, we must understand that the title is the lock for writing, while the opening paragraph is the door to writing. It is from these 2 things that the reader’s first emotions will be possessed. Apart from that, readers feel whether or not the writing is interesting or boring.

However, a difficult problem for novice writers is creating an opening paragraph.
From the various variations of opening sentences, they are often confused about where to start. What sentence should you form? What kind? What’s the key?
Even though the solution is quite simple. There are 2 options that you can use, namely presenting fun facts or expressing concerns about the material.

4. Lazy
It cannot be denied that laziness is a writer’s chronic heart disease. It’s not easy to write while your brain doesn’t want to think. Never mind writing, just holding a writing instrument feels heavy.

There are several reasons why laziness is a deadly disease. Apart from emotional factors, motivational factors also have an influence. Uncontrolled emotions make writing no longer fun. Meanwhile, the main target of creating a famous blog that has not been achieved or is difficult to achieve reduces motivation to write.

To overcome this, you have to read a lot of motivational articles and experiences from bloggers. That way you can boost your vision and mission to become a writer. As we know, the more references available, the better the chances of the article being. The articles that will be published will be more complete and varied.

5. Too much written material

But this is not the case for novice writers. For them, materials like this can backfire. Apart from the factor of where to start, it also impacts sentence by sentence from the reference of the article you are reading. As a result, they are hampered in compiling new sentences that are free from copy-pasting.

Actually, this problem can be overcome. The way to start is to stop focusing on sentences written by other people, but focus on finding the main idea of ​​the paragraph. If you can take the main idea in summary then your inspiration and writing ideas will work. With this, the writing you produce will be more unique and special.

6. The writing facilities are not neat
The best tool for writing is using a study table. Apart from being an ideal study position, it also makes the brain fresher. Therefore, a study table is very important for writing.

But what if the study table has lots of books scattered around? Decreased concentration? That’s for sure. Especially if the book is not reference material related to what you are writing.

In this situation there is no other way but to tidy it up. If possible, you should not write while facing the books. However, other books divide the focus of thinking. Eliminating these distractions helps allow your imagination to develop freely. Writing is a reaction of the thinking brain. If you write in a noisy atmosphere, it is not impossible that ideas and inspiration will be lost. Want proof? Please write while the TV or radio is on. Surely your creative ideas will drag. Writing should be done in a calm or quiet condition. That way, all the worries and fresh ideas can easily emerge to be used as sentences.

7. The writing environment is noisy

Even though writing obstacles are quite numerous and varied, they should not be made into a heavy burden. Don’t be preoccupied with scary thoughts. Make this problem a challenge towards the professional writing process. 

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