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This is How to Manage a Blog Well and Correctly for Beginner Bloggers


Feb 2, 2017

The reality is that making money from the internet is not as easy as it is said. Don’t just create a blog and then abandon it and automatically become a money-making machine. Basically, blogs need management like other businesses. If this is not the case then you can be sure that your blog will become a failed business.

Unfortunately not everyone is aware of what they should do when
managing a blog . So it is not surprising that for some time exploring the world of blogging has only resulted in sacrifices of time and energy. Even during that time the blog did not make money in exchange for the initial capital to start it. This is what causes a blogger to often be disappointed and bored with developing it.

Referring to blog issues, of course you need a clear strategy and plan to be successful.
In this case, how to manage a blog properly and correctly is what supports the success of a professional blog. Many bloggers are successful in planning and successful in the results achieved. Therefore, you must have good and correct blog management so that your efforts are not in vain.

This is How to Manage a Blog Well and Correctly for Beginner Bloggers

How to Manage a Blog Properly and Correctly

1. Present an attractive blog appearance

The first thing when starting a blog is to prepare the type of blog appearance that readers will visit.
Some bloggers think that a blog appearance that looks “Wow” is the most appropriate attraction for visitors.

But this thinking turned out to be wrong.

When your blog appears with a very luxurious page with various widgets such as weather, clock, music, video, calendar or animation then you are actually making visitors run away.

In reality, visitors only want to take in the information you present.
They tend to be indifferent to other things they don’t need. If so, don’t present your blog display with various widgets that will disturb your reading concentration.

Moreover, if there are advertisements that take up a lot of space on your blog page.
So you can be sure that the blog loading will be slower. If that happens, what impression might they get from your blog? Disappointed, irritated, irritated or angry?

If so what should be done?

The best way is simplicity.

Try paying attention to successful blogs on the internet such as Dailyblogtips.com, Ponselim.com and Sugeng.id.
They present a simple blog appearance, but have a deep impression.

Apart from that, they don’t force blogs to earn income from every available opportunity, including Google Adsense, independent advertising, or affiliates.
So it’s not surprising that the appearance of their blog really captivates visitors and makes them feel disappointed if they immediately close it. Here are
tips for managing the right blog for visitors.

There are many Blogspot or WordPress templates available on the internet.
Please search according to the topic you specify. For your own choice there are free and premium templates. Just adjust it to your budget.

2. Write articles

What does it mean to have an attractive blog appearance, but there is no information for visitors to read?
Visitors are hungry for unique information and enlightening knowledge.

Responding to this problem, of course you have to have adequate content for them.
In this case there is no other word than that you have to write articles regularly.

Maybe for some people writing is difficult.
How could it not be, let alone writing articles with clear concepts and interesting information. Just writing the first word to form an opening sentence is sometimes difficult. Moreover, if you have no basis in the world of writing then it is very likely that there will be no articles that you can complete.

However, don’t worry too much.
There is a solution.

Many people think that writing skills are a natural talent.
However, this fact is very wrong.

A glance at the past of a successful blogger or great writer.
Of course you will break that assumption. Before successful bloggers were able to write quality articles, they had the habit of reading other people’s articles. Take a look at their first article post when starting a blog. You will definitely find that their first articles tend to be simple and do not have the elements of a professional writer.

Likewise with great writers who publish their scientific works.
The first time they submitted their writing to a publisher, some publishers rejected it. In fact, it is not uncommon for them to ridicule the work because it is not suitable for circulation.

So how are they able to walk the path to the title of professional writer or great writer?

To be a good writer you have to have the habits of writers, including lots of reading and practice.

When reading writing, don’t just focus on the author’s intention to explain it.
But try to understand their writing style, the words they often use to start sentences, and how they make visitors curious.

Meanwhile, when you are practicing writing, let’s experiment a little by combining several other people’s writing styles and realizing them in your writing.
That way you don’t have to take a writing course.

If you read diligently and consistently practice writing, then I am sure you are on the right track on how to manage a blog.
In this way, you can produce good, useful and quality writing for readers. 

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3. Avoid article plagiarism

When you finish your first article, don’t rush to publish it.

Problems arise because some people take some of other people’s material and combine it into new writing.
If you use a personal writing technique (rewrite), it probably won’t cause copyright problems. But sometimes reality speaks differently.

In essence, writing an article takes several hours.
From here, some bloggers feel bored going through this stage. So they create articles by taking random and raw material from several articles and then summarizing it into their own writing.

Of course, this is a serious copy-paste violation.
How could it not be, when the article is detected as plagiarized, Google is monitoring the violation. If you copy-paste an article, even 1 paragraph, your blog could be subject to a penalty. Even worse, if the complaint comes from the original owner of the content and is reported to DCMA. So the potential for your blog to be removed from the Google search engine is very open.

Therefore, even though I recommend collecting ideas from other people’s reading sources, that doesn’t mean it’s okay to copy-paste.
It’s better to keep practicing writing so that your writing skills will improve. That way you can manage your blog and stay away from copyright claims on other people’s articles.

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4. Easy to socialize

Humans are social creatures who need to interact with other people.
That’s the same situation with a smart blogger. You need to communicate with other bloggers, whether they are already famous or still in the authority development stage.

To interact with other bloggers, you can do several things, including through comment messages that come in via blog posts.
Try to answer all incoming comments (of course good, polite and useful comments). Try to make your answers satisfy their curiosity. That way, the sense of kinship between you and your visitors will be well established.

Apart from that, you can comment back on the blog as a kind return.
Provide comments that educate and support fellow bloggers. If you can do this, your social nature will result in great luck, both psychologically and materially.

Another way you can interact with other people is through forums that match your blog topic.
Please exchange ideas or ideas or answers that make you and them need each other. If you can continue to maintain this, then it won’t be long before you become a successful blogger.

5. Search engine optimization

If you want to manage your blog in a good and good way then there is one more thing you have to do.
What’s that? Search engine optimization.

So that your blog develops well and brings in lots of visitors, don’t forget to interact with search engines.
The common way to do this is to register your blog on search engines such as Google, Bing, Yahoo and others. Submit your blog to their webmaster.

For the Google search engine, visit
the Google Webmaster Tool.

Meanwhile, for the Bing search engine, visit
the Bing Webmaster Tool .

Apart from this method, you can use the blogwalking technique, namely commenting on other people’s blog pages by leaving an active link.
However, don’t just comment so it looks like a spam comment.

For blogwalking itself, you should apply it to blogs with Domain Authority (DA) and Page Authority (PA) with good scores.
This is very important considering that DA and PA explain how a blog ranks.

Another optimization you can do is submit your blog to various blog directories and social bookmarking. 

In conclusion, you can realize that you want to become a professional and competent blogger and writer.
However, it will be easier if you have clear and directed preparation and planning. Learn and apply 5
ways to manage a blogabove so that your goal of creating a blog becomes meaningful.

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  1. Saya baru akan memulai membuat blog om.. maksud dan tujuannya hanya ingin menyalurkan hobi menulis dan fotografi .. ada masukan buat saya.. terus terang saya g faham dengan blog,, sekedar info sepupu saya yg membuat blog nya tapi belom saya jalankan.. makasih.. ��

  2. Jika tujuan Mas Roni sekedar menyalurkan hobi maka itu lebih mudah karena anda cukup menulis artikel (jangan mengacu jumlah kata yang penting unik)dan disertai hasil fotografi kemudian publikasikan (selesai).

    Namun jika anda memiliki rencana selanjutnya setelah mempunyai blog seperti menghasilkan uang dengan menjual foto atau ikut program periklanan sebaiknya anda belajar mempersiapkan blog dari jenis tampilan. Pilihlah tampilan blog (template blog) yang sederhana setelah itu share hasil tulisan atau fotografi anda pada sosial media seperti Google+, Facebook, Twitter, dll. Sehingga dengan itu blog anda mudah dikenali mesin pencari Google dan mendatangkan pengunjung.

  3. Siang mas,saya tertarik belajar blog,dan saya coba untuk membuat blog gratisan,tapi saya bingung bagaimana memulainya,mohon pencerahannya

  4. Ada baiknya anda memiliki referensi blog yang bagus, bukan hanya soal tampilan karena terkadang tampilan bagus bukan jaminan blognya bagus. Dengan anda memiliki referensi blog dengan topik yang sama maka anda bisa lebih fokus bagaimana cara mengelolanya. Saran saya anda membeli sebuah hosting atau minimal domain berbayar. Memang butuh modal, tetapi jika anda telah melakukannya anda akan serius untuk belajar blog sampai sukses. Silahkan daftar di NiagaHoster karena harganya cukup murah.

  5. mas.. tulisannya sangat membantu. saya baru mulai nge blog mas, jadi masih bingung. saya senang menulis makanya buat blog, tapi saya juga ingin menghasilkan uang dari blog tersebut. saya pakai blog dan alamat yang ada. apa saya harus beli alamatnya mas! jadi saat melakukan pencarian lansung keluar dibawah judul alamat blog saya? mohon ilmunya mas… terimakasih

  6. Jika benar-benar mau membeli alamat domain berbayar seperti (dot)com atau (dot)net usahakan nama blog yang lebih anda pilih mudah diingat oleh para pengguna internet.

    Adapun untuk menghasilkan uang dari blog isi dahulu blog anda dengan artikel yang unik dan bermanfaat. Ketika sudah banyak pengunjungnya baru memikirkan menghasilkan uang misalnya melalui Google Adsense atau yang lain.

  7. masartikelnya berfaedah sekali 🙂
    saya juga pemula mas masih agak bingung sama blog yang saya bikin. pengennya bikin sebuah blog berfeature perjalanan gitu tapi tulisan saya masih kebawa suasana melenceng gitu mas, saran baiknya gimana yah mas? oh iya trus buat blogger pemula caranya biar orang orang tau website kita gimana?

  8. mantap mas artikelnya…

    saya baru" ini membuat blog : suksesmandiri10.blogspot.com
    apakah setiap hari kita harus membuat artikel,? dan apakah kita harus fokus pada satu topik atau topik apa saja kita buat.?

    mohon pencerahannya mas, terimakasih

  9. wah sangat menginspirasi mas, terimakasih. Saat ini saya lagi nyoba membuat blog tentang beberapa destinasi wisata yang pernah saya kunjungi mas. Jika mas punya waktu luang boleh berkunjung ke blog saya mas, jika memang ada kritik dan saran saya malah sangat berterimakasih karena saya masih pemula.


    Terimakasih sebelumnya.


  10. Pada poin ke 3 yang sering dilakukan oleh blogger pemula, kadang merasa kehabisan ide, sehingga main comot artikel yg mana ini justru tidak berpengaruh dan merugikan serp google.

    Dulupun saya begitu, namun setelah tahu sekarang Sebisa mungkin menghindarinya.

    Sangat menginspirasi mas.

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