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This is how to check broken website links easily and accurately


Jun 5, 2017

The occurrence of broken links on a personal website or blog is certainly not a pleasant thing, so it must be checked. How could it not be, the presence of a broken or dead link makes readers feel annoyed because the related supporting information cannot be opened. This is what allows readers to have a bad impression of a website or blog. If that happens then there is a big possibility that they will refuse to visit again.

As a manager of a personal website or blog, of course broken or dead links cause the quality of SEO for search engines to decrease.
If this continues and you don’t check for broken links regularly, it will be difficult for your blog page to compete for top rankings on search engines.

That’s why it’s important for you to find out if links are broken or dead and then fix them.
Indeed, there are many reasons that might cause broken or dead links on a blog. First, the link that was previously on your blog page to someone else’s website or blog page has been deleted or replaced by the owner. So when the link is clicked the destination page errors or disappears.

Broken links on your blog can also occur in the status of existing reader comments.
This case is characterized by visitors who have commented inserting an active link in their comments. However, due to certain circumstances the destination link has changed or disappeared. So the active link remains on, but cannot access the destination link address.

In this way, the presence of dead or damaged links becomes a parasite on your website or blog.
When that happens, it will most likely reduce the ranking of your blog post in search engines. That’s why you should know how to check broken links accurately.

How to check broken website links easily

Please open the site

1. Type the URL address of the website/blog you want to check in the column provided.

2. Next, click the ”
Find Broken Link ” button.

3. Next, ”
Security Code ” appears, please enter the code.

4. Select ”
Report distinct broken links only ” for a short report or select ” Report all occurrences of each dead link (may be slower) ” for all reports

5. Click ”
Find Broken Links Now!

6. Please wait during the checking process, whether the process takes a long time depends on the number of broken links on your website/blog.

 7. If there is a broken link, please repair the broken link manually.

In conclusion, regardless of how hard it is for you to be careful in managing your blog properly and correctly, it still doesn’t guarantee that links will be broken or lost.
So, please check broken links on your blog or website regularly and immediately make repairs if detected so that the position of your article or blog post in search engines does not drop sharply.

If you want to check the backlinks of a competitor’s website or blog and see how many backlinks they have and the pagerank ranking of those backlinks, you can use the free
Backlink Checker tool. You can join the site for free. So, please use it to develop your blog to be better and more popular in search engines. 

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