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Think about the advantages and disadvantages of participating in an SEO contest before registering


Apr 29, 2017

Talking about SEO contests probably cannot be separated from the benefits gained and the losses that can be caused. Regardless of the number of prizes provided by the committee, of course you have to pay attention to the impact on your blog.

On several occasions, various SEO contests have emerged conducted by well-known websites or blogs. Apart from making the website more popular, it also aims to promote the products it has. So this product can attract thousands of new customers.

Unfortunately, several opportunities to take part in SEO contests often did not bear fruit. How can it not be seen that the number of participants reaches hundreds or even thousands of people, the challenge to become a winner is getting tougher. Moreover, if you look at who the participants are, perhaps feelings of inferiority can come to participants who are taking part for the first time.

Therefore, let’s look at the advantages and disadvantages of participating in SEO contests. Not to recommend or prohibit you from this site. However, you should look at it from a broader perspective. This way you can estimate whether you will participate or not.

Think about the advantages and disadvantages of participating in an SEO contest before registering

Benefits of participating in SEO contests

1. Motivation to get prizes

It cannot be denied that a person’s participation in an SEO contest often involves emotions in order to get the main prize provided by the committee.

Large amounts of up to tens of millions are a strong magnet to attract several blog writers to become involved as participants. So it is not surprising that because of this motivation, almost all SEO contests can become annual targets.

2. Increase knowledge about SEO

In reality, not all SEO contest participants come from professional writing circles.
Among them there are also beginner participants who are taking part for the first time. That’s why various feelings are mixed in it, starting from fear, anxiety, nervousness and so on.

However, don’t think too much about it because by participating in an SEO contest your knowledge about techniques for achieving top search engine rankings will be wide open. In fact, because of this, it is very likely that you will be able to obtain various variations of techniques that you have not thought of. Of course, you have to learn how to write content from the winners of the competition.

3. The number of visitors increases

When you take part in an SEO contest, your blog content will automatically appear on the list of competition participants on the committee’s website.
That’s why it’s not strange that every day there are participants who peek at how other participants register their blog content for the contest. See how they write and their style in arranging words.

It is the activities that take place during the registration period that can increase the number of visitors to your blog. It could even be that the unique title of your blog content becomes a new keyword in search engines. So many people click on it because there are many searches on the internet.

4. Popular

When your blog wins the SEO contest, the committee will announce it to all participants.
Just imagine if hundreds or thousands of participants registered. So it is certain that your blog will be recognized by all the other participants if you win.

A victory that all participants will remember subconsciously. So there is a big possibility that your blog will be popular in a short time. In fact, it is not impossible that they will discuss your victory by posting it as a new post on their blog.

5. Increase the number of friends

Often because your victory in an SEO contest leads other participants to be amazed by your way of writing.
They will think how you write articles like that. Of course, with the hope that they can apply it to the next contest and become new winners.

In conditions like this they may try to communicate with you. They will try to persuade you as a friend because they see your extraordinary potential in the field of writing. If that’s the way they discuss it with you, it will result in new friendships.

6. Increase the number of quality posts

In relation to SEO contests, you will use all your hard work and smart brain work to present the highest quality writing.
How could it not be, you have to compete with more powerful participants. That’s why various sources of information are sought in order to obtain quality written material.

Maybe this is still difficult for beginner bloggers to do. But at least by participating in an SEO contest the number of your blog posts will increase. Moreover, you need lots of posts to bring in thousands of new visitors.

Disadvantages of entering SEO contests

Indeed, the benefits of participating in an SEO contest are numerous enough to boost your enthusiasm. However, don’t rush to register as a participant because there are also disadvantages that could impact you and your blog.

1. Free review

The organizing committee holds an SEO contest with the aim of marketing their website or product.
This is the main reason for holding the competition. Therefore, they need reviews from competition participants regarding their promotions.

When you take part in a competition, you have to create article content that discusses the benefits and reasons why people want to use it. Of course, in return for quite tempting prizes. This is where they get free reviews from participants.

The problem is that when the winner is announced the other participants just bite their fingers. Apart from that, it is very likely that the review article will not be deleted by you. How can you delete it if looking for material and writing it down requires a lot of effort. So the best thing is to let it remain as a blog post even though there is no good return from your kindness.

2. Place free advertising

In some cases, organizing SEO contests requires competition participants to place advertising banners on their blogs.
This is a condition that you can get a prize with this. Of course, you kindly follow these rules because you hope to win the contest.

However, you should know that in the world of the internet, advertising banners are something you can make money from. Especially for blogs that have thousands of visitors per day. You let your blog display promotional advertisements for other people’s products without getting paid. Just imagine if 1 advertising banner was valued at 100-500 thousand per month by advertisers. A large amount for food costs.

3. Possibility of free work

Basically, when there is an SEO contest, the participants can be anyone.
On this occasion, you should estimate who will be the participants, such as students, employees, teachers, college students, lecturers, general public or professional writers. In this way, you can introspect yourself about the abilities you now have. It’s not derogatory because after all your abilities can still be improved even more.

It is important for you to pay attention to what percentage the chance of winning that you are fighting for is. If you are sure you are above 60 percent then please take part in the contest. However, if your chances are only around 0-15 percent then don’t force yourself to get involved in it.

If you do that then you may work hard, but without getting any rewards at all. What’s worse is that your hard work will be enjoyed by other people because of the free backlinks and review articles that you provide to the organizing committee website.

4. Potential problems from Google

The Google search engine is an important tool for making your blog famous so that it gets lots of visitors.
But unfortunately, when you take part in an SEO contest, the committee will record your blog on their list.

Regarding this, a problem may arise that you are not aware of. What’s that? Because your blog is in the contest realm, Google may mark it as a problematic blog in Google’s webmaster tools. So it is not uncommon that when a blog contest is held, you will have difficulty being accepted as a Google Adsense publisher.

Lucky for your blog that has been accepted before, but if you have not been accepted by Google’s program then be careful. Blogs that are taking part in contests are usually very difficult to be accepted by the AdSense program. Just imagine if that lasted 3 months.

In conclusion, there is no harm in taking part in an SEO contest which has the potential to make you aware of the writing styles of many great writers. However, be wise first before acting. That way, you know for sure that there are more advantages or disadvantages to be gained from participating in an SEO contest like this. 

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