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These are the technical obstacles that cause bloggers to be forced to postpone posting articles


Jan 17, 2017

As a blogger is busy developing a blog so that it is successful, there are still technical problems that sometimes interfere. How can a blogger not be continuously required to fill his blog content by writing articles? Moreover, if you have set a future target, publishing articles regularly is a guarantee.

Unfortunately, not every blogger can write articles when technical problems arise.
It doesn’t completely interfere with blogger activities directly. However, these obstacles often cause delays in the schedule for publishing articles. In fact, this often makes some bloggers a little pessimistic, so they have to forget about the world of blogging for a while.

If you are faced with blogging targets and goals, recognizing technical obstacles is highly recommended.
That way, you can plan accurate preparations to face obstacles that come so that the process of publishing articles is not often delayed.

These are the technical obstacles that cause bloggers to be forced to postpone posting articles

Technical problems cause bloggers to be unable to post articles

1. Running out of internet quota

It could be said that a blogger’s need for internet quota is very large.
This is not strange considering that bloggers’ activities are always busy with browsing, looking for references to written material, blogwalking, sharing on social media, downloading videos, photos, images, ebooks and sometimes software. To meet this need, the internet quota must remain sufficient, otherwise blogging activities will stop.

The problem is that the cost of buying an internet quota is quite expensive.
How could it not be that the price of an internet quota of 3 GB can reach IDR 50,000.00-IDR 60,000.00. Of course, for a blogger, this quota is not sufficient every month because in my experience every day it requires a quota of more than 100-200 MB.

Maybe there is a solution to install WiFi at home with unlimited internet quota.
However, the price set can reach IDR 200,000.00 or even more expensive. This is what causes some bloggers to think again if they don’t want to go bankrupt.

Moreover, if the blog cannot make money then tips for saving internet quota must be applied.
If this is not the case then the article update will not work. This is a technical obstacle that makes writing productivity not optimal.

2. Weak internet signal

What’s the point of having an abundant internet quota if the signal network provided is very weak?
Never mind browsing on big sites, just opening your own blog page sometimes waits a few minutes. Not to mention if you have to be busy looking for pictures or photos to complete your writing, a weak signal won’t be able to reach large pictures or photos quickly. If this is the case, how can you become a productive blogger?

Therefore, it is important for you to know the various internet networks around your house.
Check the one that has the strongest signal before buying an internet quota. That way, technical problems will not arise when you want to write and publish articles on your blog.

3. Computer or laptop performance problems

As a blogger, of course there are various applications or software needed to support the performance of your computer or laptop.
Among them are image or photo editing software, video editing software, web design software (HTML and CSS), and others which are often very large in size.

Of course, not all bloggers can buy and use a high quality computer.
In fact, most of them still use standard computers which of course have limited memory and hard disk. If there is too much software it can make the computer or laptop slow/sluggish or even crash. If that happens opening the computer is painful.

To prevent technical problems like this from appearing, you should only install important software.
Avoid installing software that you don’t necessarily open every week. Indeed, as a blogger, you want to learn everything related to blogging. However, if you have many goals and your computer doesn’t support it, you won’t be successful as a blogger who makes money. 

4. Power goes out

For those of you who use a computer as a blogging tool, power outages can be a technical problem.
It could be that you are finding a website page that you can use as a reference for writing material or you are doing blogging activities or sharing on social media.

While you’re focusing on that, it’s certainly bad news if the electricity suddenly goes out.
Moreover, if you haven’t read and understood the website pages you open properly, then your inspiration for writing will be lost. Apart from that, forgetting to save a written draft in Microsoft Word or on a blog can make you temporarily frustrated and pessimistic.

Maybe better news comes to those of you who use a laptop as a tool for blogging.
Even though the electricity is out, you can still be active for a few hours taking care of your blog. However, if your laptop battery runs out, blogging activities will stop too.

Regardless of the various technical problems that exist, this does not mean that you give up and surrender to the situation.
Indeed, some obstacles cannot be resolved easily and quickly. However, having several draft articles is the right solution that you can try. That way, when you have a moment to be online, you can immediately step on the gas and post the latest articles. 

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