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These are the benefits of writing long articles


Feb 10, 2016

Do you know the benefits of writing long articles?
Or have you ever thought about writing a long article? It is true that a blogger may write standard articles (400-500 words) to fill a blog. However, it is not a wise choice if you continue to write articles like this. In fact, a reader sometimes needs a detailed explanation of a problem. If you only present standard articles, then they will most likely not be satisfied.

Therefore, there is nothing wrong if you write long articles for loyal readers.
It will indeed require high creativity to think and analyze problems. Apart from that, it obviously takes longer. However, there is a sensation of pride when you are able to write a long article. (I’m also still learning to write long articles)

Maybe you have read other people’s blog posts about the number of words in a quality article that appears on the first page of search engines.
Have you ever tried blocking the text to copy and paste in Microsoft Word. Approximately how many words are there, 700, 1000, 1500, 2000 or more than 2500 words. One thing is certain, articles with a standard word count are rarely found on the first page of search engines. This shows that the benefits of long articles are enormous for blog writers.

These are the benefits of writing long articles

Benefits of writing long articles

1. It is easier to compete on search engines

As I mentioned above, most articles that appear on the first page of search engines are long articles, usually over 500 words.
This is not strange considering that the Google mogul views long articles as having detailed discussions. Apart from that, Google also assesses the quality of the articles presented for humans, not robots.

In this regard, don’t expect short articles to appear on the first page of search engines while the number of words you present is only 250-350 words.
From this we can learn that blogs with short articles are more likely to get regular visitors after writing 200-300 articles, maybe even more.

2. Shows you are a creative writer

This one thing doesn’t need to be debated anymore.
Sometimes for novice writers, writing short articles is very enjoyable, especially if they avoid copy-pasting. However, writers who have experience writing long articles are more proud. Why?

It’s clear that experienced writers are chasing higher targets.
Presenting long articles is the fastest way to hone creative writing skills. Besides that, experienced writers usually have the ambition to write a book or e-book. That’s why it’s not strange that the blogs they manage are often filled with long articles.

3. Have the opportunity to share with other people

How do you feel after writing the article?
It’s a pleasure for sure, but more than that, if the article is shared by readers, it would be very encouraging. How could it not be that shares from other people show that the article is of high quality and deserves to be known by many people?

Based on this,
BuzzSumo provides an analysis of millions of articles that readers aim to share on social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest or Linkedin. The analysis provides a clear picture of the number of words that are often shared on social media, from the lowest 2000 words to the highest 10000 words. If your article is distributed by most readers, what?

Conclusion, although long articles have great benefits.
However, that doesn’t mean you have to ignore or abandon standard articles. In fact, some readers can come from any country. Therefore, you still have to appear in these 2 types of articles on your blog. The hope is that it can satisfy all readers, both those who like short articles and long articles. If you can’t write articles then
the Easy Way to Learn to Write Articles or Secret Tips on How to Write Good Articles for Readers could be the first step for you. 

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