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These are the 6 Easiest Ways to Market Products Online


Sep 14, 2017

The development of the internet which is increasingly widespread and can reach almost all regions, both Indonesia and globally, has become a strong attraction for online sellers. How could it not be, by marketing goods online the chances of getting demand for goods are greater. Especially if you have a unique and interesting product that is rarely found on the market. So you can be sure that the potential for profits will be even more abundant.

Unfortunately, not many local businessmen or entrepreneurs know how to market products online. Some of them still depend on their business from offline systems. Maybe they don’t know how. So the market potential is not maximized. As a result, the possibility of developing a large business will be slow or even difficult to realize.

The good news is that with only a computer (PC), laptop or smartphone and an internet quota, you can market your products online. Of course, this is easier for those of you who don’t have a shophouse or large sales area. Moreover, many online business people who don’t even have a shophouse can sell on the internet. They only have the house they live in as their sales base (shop).

This is How to Market Products Online

An easy way to market products online

1. Define the product

Basically, selling on the internet is intended for those who have their own products.
If it turns out that you already have your own product then you don’t need to look for other products to sell on the internet. Just focus on the products you have. Even better if you can make the products you sell more attractive. These interesting things can include the product being unique (rarely found), neat and simple packaging.

However, if you don’t have your own product then you can become a reseller of other people’s products. No need to worry about what type of product. If your neighbor already has a product and it turns out he doesn’t play online, you can market their product in your own name.

2. Create an online shop website or blog

Talking about creating an online shop website or blog may be your first problem.
However, that doesn’t mean there isn’t a solution. If you have more funds, you can hire a website creation service to create a website for your online shop based on
WordPress.org . However, if your funds are limited, creating a Blogspot-based online shop website ( Blogger.com ) is also good.

Basically, websites are divided into 3, namely landing pages, online shops, and blogging. This landing page website is usually used to sell just one product, such as the Gramcaster site, etc. Landing pages tend to use sales letter techniques so the copywriting is a little difficult because the product descriptions are long. Meanwhile, online shop websites and blogging are sometimes combined into one. For example, the point is to sell a product and also have an article. Or basically writing articles and selling products at the same time. As for you, you should combine an online shop website and blogging first.

When you have a website, fill the blog content with article posts about your product. If you sell medicines then you can post articles related to health. Make as many as you can. If you run into a dead end, you can hire an article writing service to fill in the content for your website.

Also post the products you sell on the website with clear images/photos. Give a clear description of the product. Also include a contact number that can be contacted, payment method and delivery method (send it yourself or via a delivery service such as JNE, J&T, WAHANA, POS INDONESIA, etc.).

To increase potential buyers’ trust in the website, you can include your home address on your online shop website.

3. Promote online stores via social media

However, just because you have an online shop doesn’t mean your products will sell quickly.
For this reason, you have to promote your online shop so that it is more famous. It’s best if you have a Facebook fanpage, Instagram account, Google+, Twitter, Linkedin and others. At least you have a Facebook and Instagram account.

After that, regularly post activities related to your product. Include photos or images to make it more interesting. As for posting on Instagram, it is highly recommended to add at least 7 hashtags related to your product keywords. That way, the posts you make have keywords in Instagram searches.

In order for promotion via social media to be effective, you must have a lot of followers. How to? You can do it manually (one by one) or with Gramcaster (a tool for finding followers of up to 1000 people per day). Check out the prices here!

4. Promote products through Marketplace

The existence of various large marketplace sites such as Lazada, Tokopedia, Bibli, Shopee, Bukalapak and others has brought a breath of fresh air to MSME industry players.
This is proven by the fact that many online sellers on these sites are MSME business people.

So, also promote your selling products on the marketplace site above. It is not a guarantee that your sales will sell well in the market. However, at least this can improve your product brand to the public.

5. Promote through buying and selling forums

One support for introducing your online shop site via the internet is promotion on buying and selling forums.
There are various buying and selling forums that you can join, such as Kaskus, OLX and others. By marketing products on these media, you increase your chances of achieving greater profits.

Therefore, be often active in the forum. State that you are an online seller who can interact well in forums. Build your product brand through useful discussions. Apart from that, also include a link to the online shop website that you have. However, you should pay attention to the rules in the forum because the rules for some buying and selling forums are different.

6. Provide convenience to potential buyers

Becoming an online seller means you have to have thorough preparation.
These preparations include good and polite service. Answer potential buyers’ curiosity in a friendly and honest manner. Provide products that truly match the images you display in the online shop.

Besides that, it makes it easier for potential buyers to make payments. There are various payment methods, such as via Paypal, but at least you can accept payment via bank transfer or internet banking. Also provide various bank options for accepting payments such as BRI, BNI, BCA, Mandiri and others. This is important to anticipate payment failures due to errors from the bank.

Furthermore, make various choices of goods delivery services. Currently there are various postage services such as JNE, J&T, WAHANA, POS Indonesia, and so on. So, with the many postage services available, it is possible for your products to be sent to various areas, including remote areas.

In conclusion, there is no guarantee that when you market a product online that the product will sell well. Even so, at least by applying various methodsabove, there is a big possibility that your product will be known by many people. Moreover, if your product is unique and useful for them, their desire to buy your product will definitely come true. So, have the qualities and character of a good entrepreneur so that you don’t give up easily to achieve success.

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