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The Winning Mentality that a Blogger Must Have


Dec 12, 2015

It cannot be denied that Ads.id is a forum site that is visited by many Indonesian bloggers.
How could this site not offer a lot of and in-depth knowledge about the world of blogging. From here I learned a lot of interesting and fun things about managing a blog.

Even though many of its members are learning too, it actually has a strong appeal to senior bloggers, including master bloggers. They share very useful knowledge and experience. Apart from that, many of the methods they share have proven to be effective. Therefore, I am grateful to this site because it taught me various useful things regarding tips on starting a blog , including

As bloggers, they usually hide how they manage their blog so that their blog wins against competitors. Of course, it’s not easy to share valuable things with each other. Moreover, this method can threaten competition in search engines and readers and income. However, it turns out that everything on the Ads.id forum site looks different. All blogging tips and tricks seem to be opened bluntly without caring about competition anymore.

1. Teaching effective blogging tips
It is common knowledge that studying with lots of people will be more effective and efficient in terms of mastering the material. Likewise, with blogging problems, learning from senior bloggers is certainly more fun. Why? I often experience problems that make my brain and thoughts drain excessively, which often results in my blogging enthusiasm weakening. provide for that. There are many bloggers there who share blogging tips for free without hiding anything. Even though there are some secret tips that are hidden, in reality the tips they share are still effective and I am happy with them.

Therefore, blog tips from other people are needed as a smart solution and the Ads.id the method

2. Share Is it possible to make money from a blog by learning autodidactically? The answer is very possible, but it could be long and tedious. Therefore, it is not uncommon for surefire methods or tricks to make money to be found after several long months. make money from blogs

In this regard, it is possible that the method or trick that has been used will be changed one day because another method is found to be more effective.

Although this is a valuable experience, but wouldn’t it be easier to get some tricks or methods from senior bloggers. Apart from not consuming too much energy, the tricks they use are mostly based on their personal experience. So it’s not surprising that their blog tricks are more considered as the best way to build a blog. Therefore, I am grateful to Ads.id because that is where bloggers share amazing blogging tricks. great blogging motivation

3. Provides
If a blogger is weak in enthusiasm for blogging, of course the thing most needed is motivation and inspiration. That way, the managed blog will not be neglected because of laziness.

In this regard, Ads.id is a good forum site. Why? Because on this site many members share valuable experiences with each other. It’s not only a pleasant experience, but also a sad experience when managing a blog. Therefore their experience is a valuable motivation for every blogger.

However, if the ups and downs we experience are also experienced by other people, it will certainly be a good mental boost. We will not assume that this experience is the worst experience alone, but it is also experienced by other people. So I won’t be too disappointed if I experience failure in blogging. However, there are other alternative ways.

4. Learn to tinker with templates
Blog templates are not only for the appearance of the blog, but are also useful for getting good rankings in search engines. However, SEO friendly templates make it easier for search engines to read the structure of blog content via H1, H2, H3 or H4.

In this regard, one of the Ads.id members gave tips on making blog templates more SEO-friendly. So I don’t need to learn HTML any longer for that.

Even though there are various forum sites out there for Indonesian bloggers, Ads.id is the one I often visit. Apart from the many members, it turns out that some of the members are master bloggers with extraordinary experience. Therefore, there is nothing wrong if I make this site a reference for blogging tips and tricksI. How about you?  

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