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The Sad Way for a Blogger to Build a Blog to Succeed


Nov 30, 2015

How to build a blog to be successful is something that bloggers often think about.
How could it not be that by having a successful blog, you will be easily recognized by many people, not just Indonesians. However, the international world will also become readers of your blog. Apart from that, you will easily make money from this blog.

Unfortunately, becoming a successful blogger is not as easy as words. This is a challenge for bloggers everywhere. How can bloggers not be faced with various problems such as writing articles, looking for backlinks and so on. Therefore, many bloggers give up because the results they get are very disappointing.

The Sad Way for a Blogger to Build a Blog to Succeed

The Sad Way for a Blogger to Build a Blog to Succeed

1. Writing articles?

As a blogger, of course writing good, unique and quality SEO articles is the best way to build a blog.
However, many people complain about important things like this about what is written or how it is written. Of course, this is a difficulty for some bloggers. Therefore, it is not surprising that some bloggers write short articles. Only unique articles of 200-300 words are often written.

Longer articles such as 500-800 words are difficult to achieve. So the opportunity to compete on search engines is only small. On the other hand, competitors are able to produce SEO articles with more than 1000 words. So the SERP position is in their hands.

Even so, their struggle still needs to be appreciated. There are still you who are even more miserable out there. Why? Some people use a bad way to fill their blogs, namely by copying and pasting other people’s articles. This clearly violates the code of ethics of a professional blogger.

2. Easily swayed by other bloggers.

As you know, there are various
ways to make money from the internet . In this regard, many bloggers publish the amount of money they earn from blogs. Often the amount of money distributed is enough to disturb your blogging concentration.

How come some of those who participate in the Google Adsense program provide images with a monthly income of 3000 dollars or those who participate in Clickbank also provide an income of 5000 dollars per month or those who participate in Amazon.com provide an income of 4000 dollars per month.

As bloggers who want to be successful, of course their income is a big motivation. However, on the other hand, their income also backfires dangerously.

When you want to focus on Google Adsense then someone shares a picture of bigger income, this becomes a problem. Usually beginner bloggers are interested in programs with the biggest income. Even though it is legal for you to choose, in the end this inconsistency will destroy your hopes of becoming a successful blogger.

3. Likes to rely on auto (instant/automatic)

You definitely know that building a successful blog takes a long time.
There is no way a successful blog can be built in 2-3 months. Apart from that, the number of articles and backlinks on a blog also has an influence. This is a formula to pay attention to.

In this regard, some bloggers tend to be impatient. They try to do ways that can improve the blog instantly. Why? Basically, they don’t like to view the process as a challenge, so they take shortcuts.

Therefore, it is not surprising that they use Auto Generated Content (AGC) to solve their article problems. Apart from that, they also search for backlinks automatically so that the number of backlinks can increase to hundreds of percent in a matter of days.

In the short term this can be phenomenal, but in the long term the quality of the blog will be dangerous whether it is in search engines or the money-making program you follow, for example Google Adsense.

Although there are various tips for successfully starting a blog. However, instant methods should not be chosen. A series of processes must be prioritized so that in the future building a blog becomes easier and faster. Remember, if you have found the key to the success of a blog, it will be easy for you to build a new blog and monetize it quickly. 

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