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The Real Reasons People Don’t Want or Are Afraid to Shop Online


Apr 13, 2017

Nowadays, online shopping has become a new trend that is stealing everyone’s attention.
How could it not be, the products offered are the reason. Some products are sometimes unique items that have never been seen in real life. Apart from that, you can have domestic or imported goods without spending hours.

Apart from that, you should know that almost every successful businessman has access to the internet world.

Because the speed of building a business offline alone cannot compete with the speed of building a business with a combination of offline and online. In fact, this difference can reach hundreds of percent. So it’s not surprising that ignoring online shopping is a big mistake for today’s business people.

Unfortunately, some people still don’t want to make transactions online. Of course, there are various factors that make online shopping so intimidating. However, there are several factors that can be justified and there are factors that are sometimes ridiculous reasons.

The Real Reasons People Don't Want or Are Afraid to Shop Online

Reasons why people are afraid to shop online

1. Worried about product quality

Product quality is a fixed price in purchasing a product/goods.
Therefore, they don’t want to be disappointed after buying the item.

The problem is that some of the product images/photos presented by the seller can be taken using a high quality camera. Even use professional photography services to create attractive photos. Of course, this can be done to attract buyers’ interest.

However, on the other hand, the photos that appear together with the product description sometimes do not match the original product. Moreover, some buyers have felt cheated by this. So they definitely feel that online shopping tends to be deceptive because the quality of the product does not match the photo.

2. It’s easier to make offline transactions

Shopping online does have the convenience that very busy people expect.
But in reality, is that really true?

Some entrepreneurs or employees who are busy with their work often don’t have time to rest. So online transactions are a simple reason for them to reduce wasted time.

However, this situation is not always true. Some people prefer shopping offline by going to malls or conventional markets. They don’t just need the goods or products they want, but by going shopping they feel the burden on their minds is reduced. That’s why this type of person is willing to set aside a certain time/day for that reason.

3. Want to try things

Talking about the quality of the goods, maybe the seller has thought about it with various concrete evidence.
However, that doesn’t necessarily mean buyers want to shop online.

Some people before buying will not feel satisfied until they try it. This is not strange because buyers sometimes want to adapt it to the appearance of their body (t-shirts, jackets, shoes, etc.) or the correct function promised (camera, cellphone, CCTV, etc.). Therefore, trying things out is important.

If you refer to this, online shopping becomes a windfall that is not their choice.
Because they don’t provide a system for trying goods before buying unless you come to their offline shop directly. 

4. Lack of communication

For online stores with world markets, communication between sellers and buyers is almost non-existent.
The seller will not serve any prospective buyers for any reason except for returning goods and the like.

As for local online shops, it is still possible to get communication via cellphone, WhatsApp, BBM or the like. So it is possible that bargaining could still occur regarding the price of goods. However, usually bargaining will not work unless the buyer wants to buy goods in large quantities.

With this consideration, buyers feel less satisfied when shopping online. Especially if the goods are just goods that are already on the local market and you only buy one product.

5. Feeling that the item is not unique

It is easy for some people to transfer a certain amount of money to buy goods that are actually available on the conventional market.
However, there are also people who are picky about products when they want to shop online.

They only want to buy goods that are difficult to find in local markets. Moreover, if the item is unique and interesting, it can be used as a reason to follow trends (advances of the times). So they can show it to family, friends or neighbors.

If these items are not available then buying goods from the local market is a smart choice that they can make. That’s one of the reasons they don’t shop online.

6. Difficult and complicated transactions

On some online shop sites, they don’t care about the convenience of potential buyers when shopping.
This is proven by the provision of payment methods which tend to be difficult.

How could it not be, potential buyers don’t always know how to understand technology because they aren’t used to it.
Some may provide bank transfers as a payment medium. However, in other cases, online shops only provide payment methods using the doku or PayPal system, which tends to be the case for ordinary people who do not know the meaning of these payment tools.

Apart from that, there are also online shops that provide many forms that prospective buyers must fill in. So the time required will be longer. If the filling process takes more than 5 minutes, it is certain that potential buyers will make things difficult for the online shop.

7. Worried that information data is not safe

To make it easier for buyers to receive goods, the online shop will definitely require prospective buyers to fill in data regarding name, identity and location of residence.
Apart from that, contact information is also required, such as cellphone number and email address.

For people who are used to shopping online, this may seem normal. However, for people who have never made online transactions, they may have a different view. By handing over this data, the fear of other data being stolen will be easily carried out by irresponsible parties.

Actually, it’s okay to worry about this, but online stores do very little of this. They will keep buyers’ personal data safe and not leak it. Moreover, they hope that you will buy other products from their online shop.

Tips to reduce the fear of shopping online

If you are the buyer and are still afraid of shopping online, you should have a strategy for buying goods.
For sensitive items such as gold jewelry and electronics, you should avoid them first. If you have to buy it, it’s best to do it after you have purchased several products from the online shop.

If it turns out that the online shop is honest with the previous goods then it is likely that other goods are too. To see this, try paying attention to the brand or brand of the supplier of the product and see the quality of the supplier. If it convinces you, it means the quality level is also safer.

Still hesitant about shopping online?
As a preventive measure, you can shop for items that have a low potential for regret by considering the price and materials. These include jackets, t-shirts, bags, shoes, or kitchen utensils (knives, pans, etc.). That way you won’t be too disappointed if you’re not satisfied.

In conclusion, regardless of your fear of transacting online, it should not prevent you from having unique and interesting items. Reasons for worry are permissible, but if you are unfamiliar with the online shopping system then you will be left behind in your business or enterprise. So, use smart ways to shop online so that your experience in the internet world increases. 

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