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The Most Important Blog Widget to Attract Your Often Underrated Blog Readers


Aug 17, 2015

It is common knowledge for bloggers that the appearance of a blog can influence visitors in evaluating a blog.
A visitor will more quickly assess the quality of the blog based on eye sight in a matter of seconds. An eye-catching appearance will give the impression to visitors to quickly read the content contained in it.

An attractive appearance is greatly influenced by blog templates and blog widgets. There are very varied blog templates that you can get on the internet, both free and premium templates. Some bloggers choose free templates to reduce the costs of starting a blog. (Read: Tips for choosing a good blog template )

Blog widgets are needed to make the blog appear more attractive and elegant. Apart from that, it is to make it easier for readers to obtain additional information apart from the content they currently need. Some widgets must even be there if you want your blog readers to stay longer reading on your site.

The most important blog widget that you need to install on your blog

1. Popular Post

Popular post is an important widget in building a blog. This widget will move readers’ hands to click on the most frequently visited content on the blog. Through popular posts you can get hundreds or even thousands of visitors.

2. Labels / Categories

Labels are needed because readers need more specific information than just a table of contents which sometimes only displays the title of the article based on the month of publication. With labels readers don’t need to see all the article titles they don’t need.

3. Related Post / Related Post

Some readers would prefer if there was further information from related articles. Related posts also allow readers to stay longer reading your blog. Related posts are like a second magnet after readers finish the first article on your blog.

4. Recent Post / Latest Post
For some visitors, the latest articles are an attraction for readers to find out when they were last updated and how serious the blog owner is about building their site. Articles that are updated regularly will be more enjoyable for visitors because they can return to the blog and are sure to find something new. The RSS feed can display the latest articles that are worth trying.

5. Social Media

One source of traffic for a blog is obtained from social media such as Facebook, Twitter, Google+, and others. With social media, the popularity of the blog will be known from likes, tweets and comments from readers. It is best to give blogs this widget to promote the blog so that it is better known on social media.

6. Blog visitors

who have a lot of visitors must be notified to readers so that they get the impression that the blog is a popular blog. With the visitor widget, you can also find out where the most visitors to your blog come from. One that is widely used is Histats and Flagcounter .

7. Top Comments

Comments on blogs can be reader testimonials, such as customer testimonials after purchasing valuable items in online shops with the aim of making buyers more confident in the items being offered. Likewise, the comments widget will give the impression that the reader and you are interacting with each other.

8. Subscribe to Articles

If you have been able to produce useful articles, you should install the article subscription widget. The goal is so that readers can receive the latest news when you update the article. If your articles are able to attract many customers, it is likely that your blog will be easily trusted by other visitors. 

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