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The Most Effective Easy Way to Speed Up Internet Connection


Aug 31, 2015

Nowadays the internet has become something very important for human life.
With the internet, people can interact with other people not limited to certain areas very easily. Want to send data, images, videos or even other important files, this can be done in minutes or even seconds.

With the internet, people can also take advantage of the broswing – browsing facility which is very popular with information seekers, especially to increase knowledge. It is also through the internet that social media has developed into the most popular way of interacting today.

It’s annoying if we want to use the internet for something important but the internet connection is very slow. If an internet user has excess money, I think the most emotional choice is to slam the computer or laptop. It’s been hard work, draining energy and thinking, just sending files. But what happened actually sparked emotions. How could it not be, the data we tried to send was not sent. Imagine if someone using the internet was a job applicant, online shop owner or new student. It must feel like your head is spinning when faced with such a situation.

However, don’t take out your frustration on the device because there are hidden tricks and ways to speed up your internet connection. The method is relatively easy and does not require expensive costs or is even free.


1. Change the bandwidth settings of your computer/laptop.

Click the Start Menu on your computer (Windows).

Next, type “Run” then click “ENTER” until it appears like this

Just type ”
gpedit.msc ” in the column provided >> Click OK

Then successively select ”
Computer Configuration ” >> ” Administrative Templates ” >> ” Network ” >> ” QoS Packed Scheduler ” so that a tab like this appears

Please double click on the ”
Limit Reservable Bandwidth ” menu

. After that a tab like this appears

Select the ”
Enabled ” menu >> In the Bandwidth Limit section , change the default number 20 to 0 >> then click OK

Then restart your computer to see the results

2. Change the DNS settings on your computer/laptop.

Another way to speed up your internet connection is to change the DNS (Domain Name System) settings. DNS is used as a complement to TCP (Transmission Control Protocol) or IP (Internet Protocol) network facilities. By changing DNS the possibility of internet connection increases by 20%. The way to change the default standard DNS to open DNS.

Select ” Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPV4)” >> Click ” Properties” then a tab appears

Change the DNS to the following
Preferred DNS Server:
Alternate DNS Server:

Finally, please click ”

Those are 2 easy ways to speed up your internet connection.
With good internet speed, you will easily take advantage of the various advantages of the internet for more varied purposes.

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