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The importance of databases in the modern era can be realized with email marketing tools


Jan 27, 2022

Several years ago, many business people thought that ” Who wants their business to grow bigger must master digital or online technology .” So it is not surprising that Microsoft and Google have become superpower companies in the world.

Today, that opinion has evolved into “ Whoever masters the database has a great opportunity to grow his business more quickly and consistently ”. That’s why companies like Facebook, Twitter or Instagram give them access for free in exchange for getting a user database in the form of names, emails and even telephone numbers.

Having a bigger business may be everyone’s hope, including you and me.

Well, the good news is that you can also grow your business by collecting a database in the form of names, emails, telephone numbers, WhatsApp numbers, etc. 

Of course, you need quality tools to make all of this happen. So, what kind of tools are they?

Maybe you have heard of email marketing tools such as Send Email , GetResponse, Mailketing, BirdSend, Moosend , Viosender or other email marketing tools. To send emails, Birdsend, getResponse and Viosender are services that charge a monthly or annual subscription fee. If you are just starting to collect a database from scratch, and your business is just starting out, then I do not recommend using email marketing or autoresponder services. 

In this case I recommend…

Email Marketing & Autoresponder Mailketing Tools.

Why is that?

There are at least several features and benefits that I can explain here

Mailketing Features:

1. SMTP Access and API

Mailketing provides free SMTP and email sending APIs that help you to send emails in bulk, making it easier for you to solve email sending problems without having to type in the recipient’s emails one by one.

2. Whitelabel Sender


With this feature you can send emails with professional emails. Because the sender’s email will be read in all your database lists using the email domain.

You don’t even need to worry about the footer section when you send an email, because there are no frills on the email marketing provider service being used. 

This is very important because services like GetResponse and Send Email alone do not remove the watermark in the email footer.

3. Unlimited Send Bulk Emails

What’s interesting about Mailketing is the freedom you have to send emails without having to worry about email limits. You can send as many emails as you have email databases, even if you have hundreds of email databases or more.

This is very important, because some email marketing services limit the number of email databases based on the user’s subscription status. For example, if you subscribe to GetResponse which has 5000 emails, then you can only send bulk to 5000 emails registered in the GetResponse application list. You can’t even add additional emails to their list. Of course this is a problem, when you have more than 5000 email databases. In this situation you have to upgrade your subscription to a bigger one.

Well, with Mailketing, there won’t be any problems, as long as your credit limit is still sufficient.

4. Emal Forwarder


With this feature you can receive reply messages without having to actually have an email domain. This means you save on business email subscription costs which can reach hundreds of thousands per month.

5. Automatic Verification

This feature is able to automatically verify your email list, and what’s great is that it can clean fake emails, temporary emails, disposable emails and inactive emails.

6. Detailed Report and Tracking


All your email sending activities, such as sending mass emails or autoresponders, have detailed reports and statistical data presented in detail. Starting from how many were sent, how many people opened the email, how many typed the link in the email, etc. This is very helpful for evaluating each process.

7. Enter Inbox

The Mailketing feature is able to optimize sent messages so that they enter the primary inbox. Minimize rejects and prevent spam. Of course, there are several tricks and restrictions to achieve this.

8. High Security

Mailketing has an artificial intelligence feature to detect spam. This means that the possibility of the email you send avoiding spam detection is very large. This is also very useful for protecting your domain from backlisting and of course your data is safer.

9. Integration



Mailketing can be integrated into many platforms such as WordPress, Zapier, Crips, Mautic, Elementor, BiznisTop, Sejoli, Salesloo, Sendy, Snapixa and still growing. Mailketing can also be integrated with various WhatsApp notification services such as Starsender, WaResponder, Woowandroid, etc.

10. Step Link

Create a series of emails with a click and the next email is sent immediately

11. Autoresponders

Sending automatic scheduled / sequential emails from the first time a subscriber enters your email database list.

After knowing the various extraordinary features of Mailketing, we will go into the benefits offered by this email marketing service

12. Auto Clean List


When this feature is active, it will detect your subscriber / list data:

Inactive: This is email data that in the last 10 emails you sent, did not open your email and did not click on the link in your email within 60 days of the last 1 of the 10 emails being sent.

DEATH EMAIL: This is a dead email that is detected, our system detects it based on the collected inactive emails, and searches to see whether, since it was first sent using mailketing, you have/haven’t opened at least 1 of your emails, if never, it will be marked as DEATH EMAIL.

Benefits of Mailketing

1. Email inbox and don’t use email limits 

2. Automate your offer follow-up so it’s easy

3. Sending an email blast is easy

4. All data in open and click tracking

5. Collecting a database means there are many choices

6. Get professional support to help you

7. No need for a big budget to re-advertise

8. There is a support group for fellow Mailketing users 

9. And other benefits of list building that you may find difficult to resist

So how much does Mailketing cost?

Answering all this, I will mention the price stated in the mailketing. There are at least 6 packages that you can choose from, including:

1. Medium 100,000 credits at a price of IDR 200,000

2. Big 500,000 credits at a price of IDR 800,000

3. Extra Big 1,000,000 credits at a price of IDR 1,400,000

4. Giant 5,000,000 credits at a price of IDR 6,000,000

5. Start Up 10,000,000 credits at a price of IDR 10,000,000

6. Corporate 34,000,000 credits at a price of IDR 20,000,000

So, those are some of the packages available at Mailketing. The cheapest price is 200 thousand and the most expensive price is 20 million.

The question is, what if my budget is limited, but want to use Mailketing today?
So you can set up and get the database immediately.

The good news is, because in the Mailketing system there is a credit transfer menu, you can buy retail 25,000 credits through my affiliate.

If you are interested, please contact me on Whatsapp 0857-0000-4215 or  Telegram,  you can checkout directly in the link below. Price IDR 55,000

In conclusion, regardless of what business you are in and whether you want to use any email marketing service, having a database is a necessity that really cannot be postponed for too long. Because it could be that your business rivals are already using email marketing services to beat your business. So, it would be good for you to look beyond the advantages of having an email database. 

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