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The Easiest and Most Effective Way to Create Blog Pillar Content


Oct 2, 2015

Content is the content of a blog that must be updated by a blogger regularly.
Through content, bloggers can share the knowledge they have. Although the type of content can be text, video, images and so on, however

Most bloggers still make text content the main choice in blogging activities.

In creating blog content, a blogger must plan pillar content as something that is predicted or favored as the content that other people read most often.
The goal of creating pillar content is to make posts popular to get lots of visitors based on them
the best topicthe one you choose.

If you want maximum results in the world of blogging, you have to prepare several selected content to be used as pillar content.
If at this stage you ignore it and only focus on producing daily content (ordinary content) you will soon complain because the number of visitors coming is relatively small.

So what is the difference between regular content and pillar content?

c) Ordinary content only attracts relatively few readers because it is made to make the blog look lively to search engines, while pillar content can attract relatively many readers because it contains elements of popularity that are maintained for a long time

a) Ordinary content is created to update the contents of the blog, while pillar content is created to become a popular post.

b) Ordinary content tends to be information that only lasts a few months, while pillar content tends to provide information whose relevance will last for several years.

Once you know how important pillar content is in your blog, your next plan is to create that content.
How to? Before you can produce optimal pillar content, there are several things you must pay attention to:

1. Create content titles whose keywords are searched by many readers on search engines every month.
The easiest way for you to do keyword research is through Google Adwords Keyword Planner. This is a free tool from Google that you can use at any time. Or you can use Google Search in the Google search engine browser.

2. Make sure that the content you create contains good on-page SEO elements so that it is easily indexed by search engines.
Such as optimizing the number of keywords contained in content based on the title.

3. Make sure that the content you create is of good quality through writing that is easy to understand and an attractive writing style.

Even though pillar content is important, any content you publish can still attract visitors if it maintains good quality.
Keep practicing writing so that the content you produce continues to develop. 

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