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The Best and Most Popular Types of Email to Start Internet Marketing


Jun 26, 2015

The rapid development of the internet has evolved into a medium for incredibly tight competition in most areas of life, especially business.
Almost all large companies compete to be the most popular commercially. They started competing

to find new breakthroughs that could attract internet users.

Email was an early breakthrough for this purpose.
Email is the most important service in helping people use the internet. With email, people can begin to interact with other people more easily and quickly. An email address has also become a must-have because it has many functions on the internet.

The Function of the Internet in Everyday Life )
I don’t know how to commercialize their email service, but because their email integrates with their company’s services or by collaborating with other websites, maybe that’s where their profits come from.

Because of the use of email addresses and their many functions, several companies have started providing free (free) email addresses.
Even though it’s free, they still make big profits.

The Best and Most Popular Types of Email to Start Internet Marketing

Returning to the issue of free email, there are various types of email on the internet.
The email addresses are also different because they come from different companies. There are at least 4 types of email that are most popular on the internet.

The Best and Most Popular Types of Email to Start Internet Marketing

1.  Gmail (Gmail.com)

Gmail is a free email address provider owned by the company Google.Inc.
Creating an email in Gmail can be done by anyone and is fairly easy. The Gmail service provides 15 GB of data storage on Google Drive for free at no cost.

With this Gmail email you can automatically enjoy almost all Google.Inc services.
You can enjoy Google+, Blogger / Blogspot, Youtube and several other services after creating this email account.

How to Create a New Email in Gmail ).

Gmail is also equipped with translation according to the language you want.
This is good news because email users come from various countries with different languages. Gmail email address format is “yourname

2.  Yahoo Mail

Yahoo Mail is an email address provider other than Gmail.
The advantage of Yahoo email is that it provides extensive data storage space, namely 1TB. So you don’t need to worry about deleting incoming messages. Another advantage of Yahoo mail is that you are free to choose the theme you want.

The next advantage is that you can also search for other email addresses with certain keywords in the search box.
For example, with the word “business”, an email address related to the business will appear. Yahoo Mail’s search tool lets you search for messages, documents, or photos without looking at how long ago the data was sent or received.

Yahoo email address format is ‘[email protected]

3.  Hotmail / Outlook

Hotmail / Outlook is a free email provider service owned by the Microsoft company.
Hotmail / Outlook provides 15 Gb of data storage space on One drive. The advantage of Hotmail / Outlook is that it can delete hundreds of emails or files automatically quickly or delete unwanted emails before they are even received.

The Hotmail / Outlook email address format is ‘yourname
@hotmail.com ‘ or can be changed to ‘yourname @outlook.com ‘.

4. Mail.com

It is another email address provider service. Mail is available in two types, namely freemail and premium.
The advantage of Mail.com is that they provide email addresses that vary from the top choices (for example ‘your name
@mail.com ‘, ‘your name @usa.com ‘, ‘your name @asia.com ‘), based on work, hobbies, music, world (example ‘yourname @dublin.com ‘) and others.

The disadvantage of Mail.com is that the data storage space provided is limited, unlike the email providers above which have 15Gb data storage space such as Gmail and Hotmail / Outlook.

In fact, apart from the 4 email providers above, there are still various other email address providers such as AIM Mail, Inbox.com and others.
The 4 above are the most popular and the best and most popular email providers on the internet.  

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