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Strong Reasons Why Unique Article Titles Are More Profitable


Dec 16, 2015

It is a fatal mistake if you post an article on a blog without paying attention to the title of the article.
Even though this is only a short collection of words, in reality choosing a title haphazardly can reduce potential readers.

It is common knowledge that when we browse the internet the first thing that appears is the title of the article. This is where a blogger’s intelligence is tested. Why? Obviously, it is through the title of the article that a way to attract people’s interest in visiting is at stake.

Even though there are many bloggers who create articles on the same topic or niche, this should not weaken your creativity. As you know, competition in search engines is not easy, in fact it tends to be tight and requires maximum effort. Just relying on luck is not enough. He needs structured hard work.

You need to note that article titles that are not unique or tend to be the same as others cause many losses. Of course, as a blogger, you don’t want to build a blog with a weak foundation, namely copy-paste article titles.

Is it possible that a bad strategy in creating article titles will bring in lots of visitors? If that means you are lucky in building a blog. However, you need to remember that this only applies to certain groups. Who?

They are bloggers who are able to create high quality articles with targeted keywords ( Keyword Research Method). Apart from that, most of the articles written have a long word count, perhaps from 800-2000 words, maybe even more. Your hope of winning with someone like this is small especially if the quality and number of words you write is far below their standards.

This reality is what some bloggers sometimes forget. Therefore, a unique article title is the easiest way to attract readers. Even though it requires thinking harder, it contains effective and efficient blogging tips and tricks.

Imagine if you create an article title that is not unique, people will definitely look down on it. Especially if the article you create only occupies a position below your opponent’s. You can be sure that the position above is more attractive to readers.

Of course, this is different if the article title is unique and interesting. They will take the time to see and read the title of the article even for a moment. If it looks intriguing, maybe they will go straight to the crime scene (meaning they will immediately click on your blog article). Remember, when people browse the internet they only need a split second to think whether to visit or not. So use this short time to create effective blogging tricks.

In this regard, you should really think about the articles you write . Make unique content a top priority before posting on your blog. Many people take things for granted so that they regret it later. Likewise, many people are proud after implementing blogging tricksThis. Therefore, think about becoming a winning blogger by implementing a strategy for writing unique article titles. Have other suggestions? Please share! 

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  1. Saya baru buat sejuta kesalahan yang fatal… Harus ubah lagi… Thanksss… Sa belajar dari postingan ini…


    Saatnya berlanjut ke postingan seterusnya…


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