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Smart Tips for Choosing Quality SEO Article Writing Services


Apr 2, 2017

Finding and choosing quality SEO article writing services can sometimes be a smart solution for bloggers who manage many blogs. Especially if the topics in these blogs discuss something that you really don’t understand. So buying their writing is a practical way to fill blog content. So it is not surprising that their existence is a breath of fresh air that soothes the mind.

Indeed, there are many sites or websites that offer article writing services for personal blogs, even at low prices.
The problem is that when you enter the world of blogging and fill your blog with various content, you cannot act carelessly. Mistakes in this case can result in your blog not developing optimally. Even worse, your blog visitors and readers will remain empty even though there is a lot of blog content.

Therefore, you should have tips or the right way to choose an article writing service.
You need to know this considering that the quality of an article can affect the position of your blog in search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing). You don’t need to be confused about dealing with this pressure because it is all summarized in this article.

Smart Tips for Choosing Quality SEO Article Writing Services

Tips for Choosing Quality SEO Article Writing Services

1. Paying attention to the sales letter is important

In order to attract potential customers, article writing services usually use sales letter techniques.
The goal is clearly to increase visitors’ confidence in using their services. In the sales letter you can find several important points about what they offer.

In this case, it’s a good idea to pay attention to the sales letter.
Check carefully how they structure it. If the display they use is simple, neat, clean and attractive. What’s more, if they spice it up with the use of creative and motivating words. So there is a big possibility that the service can be accounted for.

However, if their sales letter looks disorganized with ornaments that don’t support it, then you have to be wary.
Moreover, if they pay little attention to the use of capital letters, punctuation or errors in standard language (EYD), then you should be suspicious. Why? In essence, a good and quality writer must be able to position his writing for all levels of society. That’s why they can be trusted as paid freelance article writers.

2. Study the offer from the sales letter

Once you are confident enough with the preparation of the sales letter, the next step is to study the offer from the writing services.
Here you should not lose sight of the 3 requirements for a good article, namely:

1. Unique or original articles on paid Copyscape (preferred)

2. Use of simple, standard, effective and readable words and sentences (preferred)

3. Support SEO techniques, and LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing) techniques (preferred)

If the service offers this type of article then there is hope that your blog can achieve a good position in search engines and get lots of visitors.
However, if it turns out that the service does not offer these 3 points, that is enough reason for you not to order articles from them. How can you order articles from them if there is no guarantee of winning to attract readers and search engines?

3. Check the uniqueness of the article

One example of content that search engines like Google like is unique articles.
How could it not be, unique content can be a differentiator for your blog in winning competition on search engines which are known to be getting tougher. Therefore, the strategy of presenting unique articles will make your blog look more unique too.

Referring to this, it would be a good idea for you to look at the quality of the article based on the percentage of uniqueness.
If you see an article they have done that is 100% unique on a free tool like Smallseotools.com, you can be happy with the article. Even so, it would be better if the writing service used a paid tool to check the uniqueness of articles such as Copyscape, why?

Using a paid content plagiarism checking tool indicates that the writing service is seriously responsible for the quality of the unique articles they offer.
So, it can be said that they are definitely motivated to work hard to satisfy customers by using this tool.

Indeed, there are many ways to make articles unique, including using an article spinner tool or using a translation system from a different language (German –> Spanish –> French –> Russian –> English –> Indonesian).
Therefore, avoid paid freelance writing services using these 2 methods so that your blog articles are not only unique, but also original (original or new).

4. Check the quality of the article (Human-Friendly)

In general, good writing always looks at the writing from the readers’ eyes.
No matter the topic of discussion being written, article writing services must understand these requirements. Good writing services always pay attention to potential readers regarding the use of their words. That’s why before using foreign words or terms, the writing service has a very clear estimate of the potential targeted readers. If not, then you can be sure that the service is not professional.

The quality of articles that are good for humans also refers to discussions that are clear and neatly arranged or not confused.
Apart from that, also pay attention to real data or reliable facts (if the article is scientific).

So, when writing quality articles, writing services don’t just look at the number of words needed.
But also pay attention to effective and efficient sentence patterns. So that the writing really contains clear intentions and avoids the use of complicated words or sentences. That way readers are not forced to read by thinking hard about the meaning.

5. Check the quality of the article (SEO- Google Friendly)

To win competition on search engines, the uniqueness of the article may not be optimal enough.
Problems arise when the quality of the writing is not at the same level or higher than competitors’ articles. If that happens then your blog articles will only become search engine page cheerleaders. So that the content is in a position below 50 in search engines.

Therefore, the quality of the article must also be search engine friendly.
Knowing search engine algorithms and how to apply them in writing is something that writing services must understand.

Indeed, basically every freelance article writing service provides a sweet offer that their articles are SEO friendly for search engines.
However, don’t just believe it. First check the examples of articles they have produced. Do you think this article is of the same quality as articles with the same discussion or not in search engines?

This is very important considering that the article will be competing with them closely.
That’s why checking quality by typing articles with the same title into a search engine can be a reference for quality.

Professional writing services should also know how to research keywords correctly based on the target article title.
For this reason, mastery of keywords and long tail keywords is very crucial in making an article rank first in search engines.

The use of LSI techniques should also not be forgotten.
If a writing service cannot present this LSI technique then it can be doubted that the service has clear SEO knowledge. It could even be that he is still at the stage of learning SEO (not yet experienced).

The definition of “LSI (Latent Semantic Indexing)” is similar keywords that are still related to the main keyword.

Example of main keyword: Tips for becoming a smart student

LSI: Smart student, Smart student, Intelligent student, Smart student, Intelligent student, Intelligent student, Intelligent student and others. The

definition of “Longtail Keyword” is a keyword derived from the main keyword.

Example: Main keyword: Tips for becoming a Smart

Longtail student.
keywords: Tips for becoming a smart student at school, Tips for becoming a smart student who excels, Tips for becoming a smart student easily, Inspirational tips for becoming a smart student, and others.

If you look at these writing services, they often make mistakes because they repeat the main keywords excessively.
Or if you are not creative enough with LSI keywords then this could be a problem. The reality is that Google SEO cannot be penetrated with main keywords alone. So, don’t let cheap prices trick you into using their services.

However, if you know SEO, maybe you can apply it personally by changing a few words to longtail keywords or LSI keywords.
That way you get cheap article prices while making them more Google SEO friendly.

6. Have a team work system or be alone

To be honest, you can get paid freelance article writing services through websites or personal blogs or social media.
For websites, their services usually work with a team with several members as article suppliers. Meanwhile, if you get information from a personal blog, usually the service works independently (fighting alone).

Which of these conditions is best, choosing services with team work or working alone?

One of the advantages of article writing services with team work is that they are able to compose articles faster than schedule.
Apart from that, your articles will be more creative in terms of writing style and words.

Unfortunately, when writing styles tend to be different, it is not surprising that the quality of the writing is also different.
As a consequence, SEO estimates can also be different. So it is very possible that the 2 articles you ordered will have big differences in penetrating the tight competition on search engines.

Meanwhile, if you choose to subscribe to the services of a writer who works alone, you have the same SEO technique advantages as other writing.
So if the first 5-10 articles you receive rank well in search engines, it’s likely that the next articles will also do so.

However, you cannot force writers who work alone to work continuously.
When he is sick, your blog content automatically stops. For this reason, maybe you need to write it yourself so that your blog can continue to be updated.

This is just a brief overview.
Because some websites also provide a choice of writing services with one person or with a team. So, first learn how they work in serving customers.

7. Proof of articles on customer websites or blogs

When you want to choose a paid freelance article writing service, you should prove the strength and quality of the articles on several customer websites or blogs.
Customers of writing services are a clear, indisputable proof of their work. Therefore, if the service includes several websites/blogs (there is a special page that contains a list of customers along with articles that have been created > takes priority).

For this reason, you can know how strong their SEO techniques are in competing in search engines.
If the article’s position is good (first page of search engines) it means their quality can be justified. However, if the article is only a few, then maybe it’s just the luck of the writing service. So, services that really provide a lot of evidence can be said to be quite competent in establishing paid writing services.

Apart from that, it would be better if there were reviews or reviews from customer blogs about the service and quality of the articles produced.
Even though this is sometimes difficult to find, try to look for information that provides good reviews about the service. That way you can be sure that they are really working hard to satisfy their customers.

In conclusion, it is not easy to trust the services of article writers for blogging purposes.
Apart from the price, of course the quality of the article must be a concern. Therefore, if you want to choose an article writing service, you should order 10-20 pieces first as a start. That way you can correct the uniqueness and quality of the article for humans and its position in search engines.  

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