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Smart Answers About the Meaning of What Success Means


Mar 17, 2017

Talking about success, it feels like everyone wants it. That’s why it’s not surprising that people are competing to quickly achieve success.

It is not easy to climb the path to the peak of success. It takes hard work and sacrifice to achieve it.

However, it turns out that there are different views on the meaning of success. 


Some people consider the benchmark for success to be wealth and position. How could someone not be rich enough to be able to buy expensive items from well-known brands? Moreover, traveling abroad to various countries is no longer a dream.

Meanwhile, with a high position, a person will be respected by many people. It could even be that society will be reluctant to make you work tired or troublesome. So it is not surprising that after the goal of wealth is achieved, the next step is to seek a high position in society.

Unfortunately, when referring to wealth, drug dealers are rich people. Their income can reach hundreds of millions or even billions in one month. What’s more, they don’t need to work hard to make it happen. So this should be enough reason for a happy life.

However, look at the consequences!

Even though they are rich and have many valuable things, their lives are still not peaceful. Why?

In essence, they are often overwhelmed by anxiety and fear if they see the police at close range. They are worried that if their work is revealed then the iron bars will be ready to become the next port.

Indeed, in several cases the drug traffickers are in police custody. They control drug transactions through the rooms they occupy. Even though they do that, in reality they cannot enjoy their hard work in a state of freedom, safety and comfort.

Likewise when referring to a high position. Look at how many people in high positions, whether in society or state institutions, choose the wrong path.

They often abuse their power for their own interests. Problems arise if what he does does not get a positive response from the community. Then you will see how people view him with looks of annoyance, hatred, anger, fear and so on.

What is even more frightening is that if they cannot control this situation, people will stay away from them and not want to meet them or just say hello.

With an analogy like this, it feels like the benchmark for success based on wealth and power or position is incorrect.

Smart Answers About the Meaning of What Success Means

If so, what is the true meaning of success?

Regarding the benchmarks for success, I am more inclined towards science and social life.

With extensive knowledge, you will become part of a community whose presence is eagerly awaited. Moreover, if you have wisdom in speaking, it is not impossible psychologically that people will be more respectful. 

Maybe you have witnessed a true story about the search for someone who has great skills (machinery, cooking, writing, etc.) even though the address is difficult to find. They looked for him because of their interest in his abilities. So it is not surprising that the fatigue they feel is a source of pride and a meaningful experience. That is a form of success that has an impact on the people around him.

With a method like this, an application or software maker that is useful for internet users is automatically included in it. Even a teacher is at the forefront in directing his students to become successful humans.

Likewise, the social spirit is worthy of being included as a measure of success. You cannot be said to be successful until you help other people who are experiencing difficulties or are experiencing sadness.

Not everyone has a social spirit. Even though people are naturally born with a soul of kindness. However, the formation of a social spirit must go through a process of learning and sacrifice.

If you can spread useful knowledge and have a social spirit for society then you deserve to be in the category of successful people. Do you agree with the meaning of “What is success?” on? 

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