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Slow Blog Loading | Success for Visitors to Run


Nov 26, 2015

To start a blog to be successful, of course the blog loading problem must be taken into account.
Otherwise prospective visitors will run away. Although there are various types of templates available on the internet with varying appearances. But in reality, some bloggers don’t care about a good appearance.

How can they not be too busy with a glamorous appearance even though they have to use lots of widgets? What’s more, they impose heavy widgets so that blog loading becomes slow. Read: The Most Important Blog Widgets to Attract Your Blog Readers.

What’s worse is that they choose blog widgets that are not that important. Clock, weather or calendar widget. Even though these widgets make the display more varied, the reality is the opposite. Blogs seem to be crowded with things that have no effect on the quality of the blog. As a result, readers are busy observing the display before seeing the article they are looking for.

Slow Blog Loading |  Success for Visitors to Run


Slow Blog Loading

You need to know that visitors are impatient.
Why? From the experience of some bloggers, blog loading that takes more than 5 seconds is a problem. How could it not be that within 5 seconds visitors should be able to see the overall appearance of the blog and even have read some of the articles.

Otherwise they will leave before even reading the first word of the first paragraph. Isn’t this very risky for the continuity of your blog? As a blogger, your main focus is to present interesting and high-quality content. If you prevent readers from doing this then it is certain that your article will be abandoned. Of course, it’s not because of bad grammar, but more because you’re tired of waiting for slow blog loading.
Therefore, it is a fatal mistake if you choose a heavy blog template.

Apart from this, it is natural for you to be more careful in choosing a blog template and installing widgets. Try to make your blog look simple, but elegant. That way, your readers can quickly focus on reading your content.

Instead of being busy with the appearance of the blog, it is better for you to research high quality blogs. But with a simple and elegant appearance. That way, you will gain knowledge and experience as to why blogs are popular with visitors. Apart from that, you don’t need to bother taking care of the appearance excessively which results in slow blog loading.

There are many popular blogs with light blog loading, but topnotch articles. Dailyblogtips.com and Blogodolar.com can be examples of light but elegant blog loading. Therefore, if you have more money to buy a light template, then buy it. After that you will get a good response from visitors.

Those are some blogging tips and trickswhich could be something to consider. If you want to successfully build a blog then there is no smart choice other than paying attention to blog loading . That way, your blogging motivation increases as the number of visitors is satisfied. 

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