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Site to check domain authority and page authority of trusted websites or blogs


May 27, 2017

As a smart blogger, of course knowing the value of domain authority and blog page authority is very important. How could it not be, with a high value the possibility of making your blog an authority becomes easier. Even winning keyword competitions on search engines becomes more comfortable. So it is not surprising that the opportunity to attract abundant visitors can be realized.

Unfortunately, not all bloggers know how to check domain authority and page authority. As a result, their blogs develop without knowing whether there is an increase or stagnation (not developing) on ​​their blog. In fact, if these two important things do not increase in numerical value then it is certain that the blog will become less competent in competing on search engines. In fact, it is not impossible that your blog will be quiet because there are no organic visitors.

Regarding this, you should continue to monitor developments in domain authority and page authority regularly. That way you can analyze what weaknesses your blog lacks and can immediately solve them appropriately. So where can you check the value of these two authorities?

Site to check domain authority and page authority of trusted websites or blogs

Check the site’s domain authority and page authority

1. http://smallseotools.com/

This site may be familiar to you.
This is not strange considering that many bloggers check articles for plagiarism on this site. So, don’t be surprised if this site can check the DA and PA of your blog. For Domain Authority you can visit
http://smallseotools.com/domain-authority-checker/  Meanwhile for Page Authority you can visit http://smallseotools.com/page-authority-checker/

2. http://www.guest-postings.com/

This site can check up to 100 domains.
The Alexa rank is around 1 million. Just check the DA and PA of your website / blog at 
http://www.guest-postings.com/bulk-domain-authority-checker/ .

3. http://www.bulkdachecker.com/

The Alexa rank is around 283 thousand.
You can check up to 25 links. Just check your blog’s DA and PA at
http://www.bulkdachecker.com/moz-domain-authority-checker .

4. https://moz.com/

You can open this site to check the DA and PA of your blog website at

5. http://99webtools.com/

This site offers DA and PA checks for up to 50 domains.
So there are quite a lot of popular domains that you can check to find out the quality of the blog. Just visit http://99webtools.com/page-authority-domain-authority-checker.php

6. http://www.seoreviewtools.com/

The next site you can try is http://www.seoreviewtools.com/.
With this site you can check the DA and PA of your blog. Unfortunately there is a Captcha that you have to fill in first. Even so, it is still relatively easy to do. So, just visit http://www.seoreviewtools.com/website-authority-checker/ to check the DA and PA of the website you have.

7. http://websiteseochecker.com/

You can also try this site.
The existence of Captcha is indeed unpleasant for users because it takes longer. Plus the DA and PA checks on this site run alone. So, you have to open 2 different pages to check the DA and PA of the blog. To check the DA website, please open http://websiteseochecker.com/domain-authority-checker/. Meanwhile, to check PA, please open http://websiteseochecker.com/bulk-check-page-authority/.

8. http://www.seoweather.com/bulk-metrics-checker/

This site also allows you to check up to more than 100 domain links.
However, you have to click the Captcha beforehand. Please open http://www.seoweather.com/bulk-metrics-checker/

9. http://www.checkmoz.com/

This site can be said to pamper its visitors.
How not, you can check directly up to 100 domains. Just open http://www.checkmoz.com/ and you will see the results.

10. http://mozcheck.com/

This site offers checks for up to 3000 domain links per month.
And you can do it up to 200 times. Just go to http://mozcheck.com/.

You may not be able to try opening all links and find results. You just open one or more domain check sites. From there you can see how strong the DA and PA of the website you have. 

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