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Secret Tips on How to Write Good Articles for Readers


Oct 5, 2015

Currently, the world of writing is developing very rapidly and almost reaches all levels of society.
Writing is no longer dominated by students and college students alone. Of course, this is something encouraging for the development of a nation towards an educated nation.

It cannot be denied that the more articles you publish, the more knowledge you will gain.
Just imagine, someone doesn’t have to bother taking courses or seminars that require a lot of money to get the knowledge they want, such as knowledge of foreign languages, business, agriculture, education or others.

However, unfortunately this development is not accompanied by the quality of the articles produced.
Often we find articles that are difficult to understand because they are not arranged well and neatly. In situations like this, readers are often confused about finding the main idea of ​​the article. Ultimately the questions the reader needs cannot be answered.

The good news is that in this post you will find out secret tips on how to write good articles for readers.
There are at least several stages before you are able to produce a good article.

How to Write Good Articles for Readers

Pre-Writing Stages

At this stage there are several things that must be paid attention to.
It’s not easy to write articles without thorough preparation. Therefore, many writers fail to produce neatly structured articles. As a result, the articles they publish become a breeze without leaving readers with answers.
It is not difficult to find the main topic to write an article on.
There are lots of references that you can use. One of them is ” 9 Sources of Inspiration for Writing Articles that Refresh Your Mind “. Remember that your failure to determine topic specifications will destroy the reader’s response to the writing you write.

Therefore, the pre-writing stages must be prepared first.
This stage includes 3 important things that must be familiarized with, namely:

1. Determining the main topic (main idea)

Until you know the main topic that will be shared with readers, you will not focus on writing.
This main topic will limit your thinking space to be more specific about the main problem. Apart from that, this topic will make it easier for you to find references to consider when writing.

2. Determine keywords

Indeed, keywords do not directly influence whether a piece of writing is good or not.
However, it should be noted that good writing always refers to the number of interested readers. Good articles are usually synonymous with a large number of readers. So it is not surprising that keyword selection is the main capital after the topic to determine how much interest the market has.

Basically, to find out the number of people interested in a topic, you can use Google Search or Google Trends or Google AdWords Keyword Planner.
With these 3 methods, you will be able to calculate how valuable the main topic you choose is.

3. Determine who your readers are

To make writing interesting to everyone, that is impossible.
In reality, the articles created are only suitable for some groups. Articles are highly determined by people who need them. Therefore, you have to decide who is the ideal reader for your writing.

For example, if you are writing about traveling, then you have to further narrow down the purpose of the trip.
Whether traveling only locally or internationally, for the lower middle class or upper middle class, for teenagers or adults and so on. This way you will focus on explaining the writing in detail.

After you have finalized the pre-writing stages, the next step is the writing stage.
In order to write good articles for readers, it takes hard work, perseverance and patience to achieve this. These three things will make it easier for you to start the next stage.

Writing Stages

At this stage there are several important things that are the basis for creating good writing.
Some of these things include

1. Determining the title.

It is common knowledge that the title greatly influences the soul of the person who reads it.
An ordinary title is unlikely to get a good response. Why is that? It’s simple that people tend to like or be attracted to unusual things.

You can check the title of the article on the internet.
The most unique title will encourage people to visit to read. One effective title is one that contains elements of scaring or giving hope to readers.

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The words above will slowly increase visitors’ interest in reading the contents of the articles contained therein.
You can also use titles that provoke emotions, of course they must be in a controlled manner.

2. Use standard spelling and grammar.

A writer always pays attention to the spelling of the words and grammar of what they write.
These two things will make it easier for readers to understand the meaning of the sentence. Some people use strange and unfamiliar words to attract readers’ attention. However, confusion arises because those reading it are new to the term.

Apart from that, also pay attention to punctuation issues.
When you show the emphasis of a word, you have to make sure that what you think the reader will also think.

3. Use a coherent flow.
In addition to having a coherent flow structure, it will maintain the reader’s concentration to appreciate all the contents of the article in a more complex way.
To be able to organize a coherent plot, you can learn from professional writers such as newspaper reports or successful bloggers.

It becomes confusing if you write down solutions to overcome problems before explaining the main problem or the reality behind the problem.
Good articles always prioritize the background of the problem, the main problem, and solutions to overcome the problem.

4. Language style

Everyone has their own way of putting forward a brilliant idea or thought.
In the world of writing, this method can be seen from the style of language used. Some people are even able to combine several existing language styles to create something unique.

You don’t need to invent a new language style to write good articles.
However, you can learn from several professionals in writing articles about the language style they use. This is fine considering the popularity of the writing they produce. What is clear is that this is not a copy-paste article so you don’t need to worry in the future.

5. Don’t beat around the bush

Some people chase a target of 400-1000 words so they add long-winded words which ultimately ignore the effective aspects of an article.
Long writing can indeed increase the number of pages, but if it is forced and irrelevant it will only bore the reader. 6. Short paragraphs

Readers are happy with articles that directly discuss the main problem and the solutions offered.
Apart from not being confusing, the writing will look more effective and efficient. A long introduction will make the reader bored before he even reads the contents of the article you wrote.
Another thing that makes you bored is long paragraphs.
People tend to read briefly paragraph by paragraph, but immediately see the main idea. Paying attention to readers’ tastes will ensure that your article is read in its entirety to completion.
The ideal number of sentences for a paragraph is only 2-5 sentences.
You can place a main idea at the beginning or end of a paragraph.

After you read it carefully it shouldn’t be difficult for you to write a good article.
The key to successful writing is reading and practice. The more material references you find, the more varied writing techniques you want to develop. With all these things, you will definitely be able to write quality articles. 

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