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Seasonal Articles Versus Annual Articles | Where to Choose


Nov 19, 2015

As a blogger, of course building a blog with seasonal or annual articles is a little different.
How could it not be that the articles written should target different readers? Some focus on looking for the latest news, while others seek knowledge and gain experience for the long term.

Seasonal articles really require extra hard work to build them.
Of course writing articles is the toughest challenge. However, seasonal articles tend to easily attract readers on a large scale.

However, behind this, all this type of content is difficult to do, especially for bloggers who build blogs alone. It takes good reflexes to search and dig up global news quickly and accurately. That way, the article can cover the reader’s curiosity about the news immediately.

Another weakness of this type of content is news durability. For your information, seasonal articles tend to last a few weeks or even days and then disappear without a trace. Of course, the hope of reading it in the future is small.

This is different from annual articles which are more flexible. This type of content is able to survive for a long time because its relevance can last for several long months or even several years. Apart from that, there is no such thing as outdated or stale news, even if changes occur that are not frontal.

However, this type of content also contains weaknesses. The articles you create must be of above average quality. That way, its position will be high in search engines. Otherwise your hopes of getting visitors will be small.

Based on what I read from the internet most bloggers write annual articles, why is that? Yes, of course, because with these tricks and strategies they can build long-term credibility. Besides that, the opportunity to monetize blogs (such as Google Adsense) for passive income is wide open.

For seasonal articles, they are usually suitable for big sites such as Kompasiana , Viva.co.id , Okezone and others. As for personal blogs that want the blog to develop stably over a long period of time, the annual article model seems more promising.

In this way, you don’t have to be forced by time and circumstances to present news quickly and accurately.

However, this does not mean that annual articles have to be written every few days. In fact, some bloggers are able to write this type of content every day. What is even more surprising is that some of them are able to write 2-3 articles per day for publication.

However, you still have to pay attention to the quality of the article. Must be unique and free from copy-paste are the characteristics of a professional blogger.

In conclusion, regardless of which type of article you choose, consistency is still needed. Moreover, in the daily life of blogger writing, the dangerous disease of boredom or boredom often arises. Therefore, start organizing your blogging schedule to make it more effective and efficient. 

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