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Practical Tips on How to Become a Confident Blogger


Nov 5, 2015

In its development, many internet users have become bloggers.
Not just blogging for fun, but becoming a blogger by building a reputation and integrity. That way, the way to build an authority blog will be realized.

But unfortunately achieving all of this is not easy. It requires a long, tiring and continuous journey. Apart from that, there are several obstacles that are emotionally draining. How come some novice bloggers have internal problems within themselves? Confidence is something they often complain about.

Of course this has dangerous negative impacts. Not only for himself, but also has an impact on the sustainability of the blog itself.

The reality is that some bloggers are not confident in what they write and share with potential readers. Even though he may have mastered all the quality knowledge.

In this regard, there are several tips that will help you become a confident blogger .

1. Show your identity. Therefore, following their perspective and mentality is the solution for you. It doesn’t matter how little knowledge you have, but if you are able to show your best work, your blog will definitely be recognized even by senior bloggers. Read:
Becoming a blogger is a choice. Apart from introducing the blog to the public, it also introduces your identity. Don’t expect to become a successful blogger without being known by many people. In fact, identity is valuable capital for building trust. 4 Great Works You Can Produce From Blogging

Apart from that, by showing one’s identity, one will build integrity and reputation. Basically people want to trust you because of these 2 things. Start thinking about why you should blog.
Read: 3 Reasons Why I Should Blogging / Blogging If that means you will still be underestimated or ignored by other people, just leave it alone. The most important thing is that your brand is known to the public. That way, your chances of achieving success are wide open.

Therefore, don’t be embarrassed to admit who you really are.

2. Show your best work.
Basically everyone has something unique and interesting. Having a narrow view of something that is produced by oneself is a mistake. After all, someone is big and world-famous because of their work. 3. Fight your fears

Did you know Thomas A Edison, he was great because he had extraordinary experimental work by producing the incandescent lamp. Or Albert Einstein who was great because of the relativity formula he discovered. They take great pains to produce works that can shake the world.

Everyone has a fear of something, including bloggers. As a blogger, it is normal to have to write articles and blog promotions to bring in visitors. Of course they have to put in the time and thought and hard work to manage it.

Apart from that, it turns out that writing articles and promotions is not an easy job. Some bloggers are not confident about the articles they write. Fear that readers will not like the article, that it will not have a coherent plot, that there will be too much ado, or that it will contain little benefit.
Read: 6 Fears of a Blogger to Watch Out for

Apart from that, you have to compete with senior bloggers who are already successful and well-established on the internet. Comparing the number of visitors to popular/senior blogs with your blog is a stark contrast. Popular blogs can attract thousands or tens of thousands of visitors per day, while you? Of course, this reality has a bit of a mental impact.

However, actually you don’t need to be afraid because there is a way to overcome it. Regarding writing articles, you can pay attention to successful bloggers in writing, study their language style and the effectiveness of their sentences. As for how to bring in visitors, you can learn blog SEO, build backlinks and submit blogs to directory sites or social bookmarking. If you do it seriously and focus in the next month these results can be seen.

4. Be sure of your goals
As a blogger, there is no harm in determining targets in the short, medium and long term. Apart from being able to stimulate enthusiasm, you can also control the speed of the blog. However, this method is not without risk.

When targets are not met, feelings of failure can arise and kill self-confidence. Therefore, a strong feeling of confidence is needed. Of course, it must be based on intelligent calculations because without calculations the target is just a silly picture.

It’s a difficult task to put into practice, but looking at the future (showing your brand, building quality and credibility or making money) can grow your self-confidence.

In conclusion
, blogging problems should not be a reason to be pessimistic about managing a blog. Confidence is the nature of a true blogger. Therefore, identify your blogging problem and find a solution. That way you can be confident in achieving your main target smoothly. 

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