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Powerful Reasons That Make Writing Fun


Nov 20, 2015

Why can writing be fun?
Maybe this is a question that many people are thinking about. How could it not be, isn’t writing a job that drains your energy and mind? Added to this is the problem of the work produced, whether it can be said to be good and useful for other people.

Apart from that, writing can actually bring personal pleasure. However, this feeling depends on you. Why?

Powerful Reasons That Make Writing Fun

Imagining people spending time, imagining, thinking creatively and moving their fingers to write, some people would think is a tiring activity. However, the reality is not true because behind fatigue there are pearls of pleasure.

From different points of view, different opinions about writing emerge. Some people are willing to spend a lot of time writing. At least the explanation below is something to consider.

Why writing is fun

1. Sincere intentions

As we know, there is nothing more delicious than sincere intentions.
Even though writing can be a bit tiring, if you intend to learn it will be fun.

It’s not an easy thing to learn to write . However, with time and experience, writing becomes more of a difficulty and a challenge towards becoming a productive person.

2. A means of sharing knowledge and experience.
No matter what writing you share, some people might even look for it. Not because you look at who you are, but rather at the knowledge and experience you present. In fact, it is not uncommon for him to experience incidents and experiences like you.

So in this case your knowledge and experience is really needed. That way he will have many options for the solution. As a social human being, of course sharing like this really helps you and others.

3. A means of sharing feelings
As a human being who has ever been sad, happy, proud or disappointed, you definitely need media to express it. You may choose to express your feelings to your closest friends, but it is not uncommon for this method to be less effective. Unsatisfactory answers could be the cause. Some people also choose this intelligent, educated method because they cannot express their feelings to other people. Not wanting to be identified is the main factor. That way people around him won’t know if he is weak or sad. Therefore, writing is the most appropriate tool for them. 4. A means of imagination and creativity

Therefore, as an alternative means of writing (articles) is the solution. Of course not to reveal your disgrace or ugliness. But more like a feeling of wanting to express all the pent-up feelings.

As a person who loves progress, imagination and creativity should not be ignored. Even though the beginning is difficult, steps forward must be taken. In this way, difficult pessimism will turn into extraordinary optimism.

In this regard, it doesn’t seem strange if you are getting ready to produce real work. Producing books and ebooks is a proud target.

5. A means of making money
As a normal human being, it doesn’t seem strange to do happiness-oriented work. Apart from the afterlife, it seems that worldly life must also be considered.

In this regard, writing can be clearly seen as fun by other people if it can make money. Therefore, working hard and being serious is the main capital for writing that makes money. How to? It’s quite easy because the Google Adsense program can be the solution when many publishers reject your work.

Even though there are many challenges that a writer must overcome, this should be a motivation for success to grow self-confidence in writing. Don’t be afraid of what other people will say about your writing because writing is a proud choice. 

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