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NiagaHoster Review – One of the Most Popular Hosting Services in Indonesia


Jan 28, 2021

Talking about the best local hosting service providers, of course it wouldn’t be complete if you didn’t include NiagaHoster services as one of them. Indeed, there have been many hosting services in Indonesia in recent years. However, this time I want to discuss NiagaHoster’s services for you so whether you want to use their services or not.

For initial information, NiagaHoster is a hosting provider that was founded in 2014 and has offices in Sleman Regency, Yogyakarta.

Since its founding until now the number of users has reached 52,000 customers. This proves that since it was founded until 2021, Niaga Hoster’s customers can be said to be very large.

What is the reason why I want to discuss Niaga Hoster, after all, there are also many cheaper local hosting service providers?

It is true that currently many hosting services sell hosting at quite cheap prices, but it cannot be denied that there are different prices.

What does it mean?

Maybe recently you have often heard, some hosting service providers sell their services very cheaply, around IDR 100,000 to get unlimited hosting for 1 year.

However, you need to understand that even though they sell hosting very cheaply. However, it turns out that websites hosted by their services often experience server downtime. Even worse, their website couldn’t be accessed for several hours. Of course, as a website owner who has to pay for hosting, this situation really affects the psychology of visitors who may run away and then not come again because they are annoyed.

Referring to this, I finally decided to do a little review of the NiagaHoster hosting service.

It’s not surprising that I want to discuss Niaga Hoster in this full article. Because hosting is an inseparable part of creating a cool, professional website.

Ok… let’s start here

Hosting features offered by Niaga Hoster

However, before we discuss the specific features, please pay attention to the comparison of hosting package prices and what features you get. View image!

Essential Features,

If you visit the Niaga Hoster website, you will see that each hosting has general specifications, Unlimited Bandwidth, Unlimited Database, Instant Backup, Auto Installer (Softaculous), Latest Cpanel, Unlimited Free SSL Forever, Free Premium Course. All of these are definite features provided by Niaga Hoster.

However, if you take a higher hosting package, you will get features, Unlimited Disk Space, Unlimited POP3 Email, Addon Domains from 10 to Unlimited Domains, SpamAssassin Mail Protection, and Priority Support Services if problems occur with your web hosting.

Speed ​​Features

Apart from that, Niaga Hoster provides speed features for each hosting package you choose, no matter if it is the lowest package provided, such as LiteSpeed ​​Enterprise, WordPress Accelerator, HTTP/3, QUIC & BROTLI, Network Speed ​​10Gig/s, and Free CDNs.

Prevent Downtime and Security Features

In this case Niaga Hoster has also provided quite encouraging service. Why do I say that?

Because they provide Network Redundant, Power Redundant, Cloudlinux OS, Isolated Account and Resources, DDos & Malware Protection (Imunify360), Backup, Spamexpert Protection, CloudFlare Protection features.

Maybe this language still sounds foreign to you, but what is clear is that all these features can give customers a sense of security for their hosting.

Service and Support

As a hosting user, of course there are times when you experience problems or issues. Although this is normal. Basically, Niaga provides the best support service to its customers and fast response 24/7

Even though all of this shows that Niaga Hoster Customer Service is very professional. However, in reality there are Hosting Packages at Niaga Hoster that do not provide maximum support to their customers. 

If you only take the Baby or Student Hosting Package then you will not get support through customer service via chat, WhatsApp, email and telephone.

However, for the hosting transfer feature, they do not charge any fees at all or are free.

Advanced Features for Web Developers

As for this feature, the first thing I need to discuss is PHP. PHP is an open source language from the server side that is used to create dynamic websites. Well, the PHP version they offer is very complete, from the lowest to the highest you can set it as you like according to the website’s needs.

Why is this important?

Actually, there are some WordPress plugins that if the PHP version does not match, then the plugin cannot be run. One of the plugins that can be said to be the most favorite of internet marketers at the moment is the Sejoli / Sejoli Woocommerce membership plugin. The plugin belongs to Kang Dewa Eka Prayoga and team. This plugin is very suitable for online sales, both physical products and digital products. 

If you want to know about the Lovebirds Plugin, please go here .

The next advanced features are SSH Access (Baby & Student packages do not get this feature), MySQL Database, FTP Access, WordPress Staging, WordPress Clone, WordPress Transfer Tool, WordPress Auto Update, Git, PHPMyAdmin.

Is this all?

Don’t worry, there are still advanced features that are very important for you to know, what are they?

Curl & Curl SSL feature.

What is the Curl feature?

The curl command is a command available on most Unix-based systems. Curl is an abbreviation of “Client URL”. The curl command was created to check connectivity to URLs and also as a data transfer tool.

Still don’t understand what its function is?

It’s simple like this, as a WordPress user, of course there are important plugins that you want to install, but can’t do it/are rejected because of this Curl problem.

What plugin is that?

I’ll just leak it, okay?

One such plugin is the Codekat plugin .

What are Codekat plugins?

Codekat is a WordPress plugin that contains cool and professional Elementor page builder based templates for creating landing pages / sales pages. This Codekat plugin can only be installed and run its features if the hosting supports Curl. Of course, it will only be active if the license is also included.

Well… the best news is if you subscribe to hosting at NiagaHoster for at least a Student / Personal / Business Package for at least 1 year. Then I will install the Elementor Pro GPL License Key Plugin and Codekat Plugin for IDR 150,000 on your website. 

See the full Codekat Template Demo  here .

How do I know you are a customer who uses hosting services at Niaga Hoster?

When checking out, please enter the coupon code ARTAR , then you will get a 5% discount and at the same time get a bonus from installing the Elementor Pro Plugin and the Codekat Template Plugin at once. This plugin is free, as long as you remain subscribed to NiagaHoster hosting.


That’s all. It’s easy, right?

Back to discussing Niaga Hoster services..

Even though the hoster business looks expensive on the wallet, you need to know that the Hosting Packages provided include Student, Personal & Business Packages, all of which have 1 free TLD (Top Level Domain) domain. Customers can choose one of these (Free domain list: .com, .net, .org, .info, .sch.id, .or.id, .ac.id, .web.id, .xyz, .website, .space, .site, .online and .ponpes.id)

Another question arises?

If I buy a Personal Hosting Package now, then as the number of website visitors increases, is it possible to upgrade to a Business Hosting Package?

Very possible.

Apart from the packages above, does Niaga Hoster provide other services too?

Actually, apart from all the hosting packages above, they also sell Cloud Hosting, Cloud VPS and Domain services.

Which is better Unlimited Hosting Package (Baby / Student / Personal & Business) compared to Cloud Hosting?

In general, Cloud Hosting is better than Unlimited Hosting. However, you don’t have to use cloud hosting to build a website for the first time, because the number of visitors is not large. Only if your visitors are large and overflowing will result in the website continuing to load. Well, only then is the right choice to use a cloud hosting service.

Meanwhile, VPS is only used by those who understand more or less programming languages. This is because VPS settings must start from setting a new name server, new database, etc.

It’s like, if hosting is unlimited / cloud hosting, Niaga Hoster is the one who sets the name server, etc., the customer just needs to use it / accept it. Meanwhile, your VPS has to be set up starting from the basics. So knowledge of programming languages ​​is very necessary.

Is that enough of the interesting thing about Niaga Hoster?

Of course not, there are still interesting programs that are profitable for loyal customers. What’s that?

Niagahoster Points..

Niagahoster Points is a loyalty program obtained from transactions made by customers in the form of cashback in the form of points.

The points you collect can later be exchanged for hosting, cloud hosting, domains, cloud VPS, Comodo SSL and mail hosting.

In conclusion,

Regardless of the advantages and disadvantages of hosting at Niaga Hoster, in fact 52,000 customers have entrusted their websites to NiagaHoster. So, it could be said that it is not a random choice if you buy the hosting package they provide to start an online business. 

Interested in using hosting today and claiming a bonus from me? Please order at NiagaHoster now. click here .  

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  1. Saya menggunakan Niagahoster hanya 2 tahun kalau tidak salah, setelah itu berganti menggunakan hostinger yang paket wordpress dan disini cukup puas karena bisa digunakan untuk autobos dan autopost sehingga tidak kesulitan menulis artikel hehehe, dan udah 2 tahun ni saya mendaftar kembali di doblehost yang /tahun hanya 99rb tanpa ada naik turun seperti yang lainnya om.

    dari berbagai hosting yang saya gunakan saat ini, ada kelebihan dan kekurangannya, tentu dari harga yang mahal dan kwalitas hampir sama dengan yang murah. di dobelhost juga meski murah ternyata tak kalah sama yang di hostinger, mampu buat autopost. cek di desainapp.com dan baca.news.

    Salam kenal dan salam sukses selalu dan jangan lupa kami tunggu kunjungan baliknya

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