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Know 4 Signs You Are Bored of Blogging


Nov 23, 2016

It cannot be denied that busy blogging activities make some people easily bored.
How could your mind not be focused on writing quality articles? Moreover, the time required to work in front of a computer or laptop can be said to be quite long, some even work until late at night. Of course, with the hope of becoming a quality writer and making money from the blog.

The problem is that in every job we do, there are definitely times when boredom starts to creep in, and this also applies to bloggers. It is true that each person’s situation is different, but considering that blogging is an activity that requires extraordinary consistency and focus, it is not surprising that enthusiasm sometimes decreases. Moreover, there are certain targets that have not been achieved this year.

That’s why it’s important for you to know the signs when you’re bored of blogging. This is very crucial considering that this problem can disrupt the comfort and results of the work you are planning.

Know 4 Signs You Are Bored of Blogging

Here are 4 signs that you are bored of blogging

1. Experiencing a dead end of creative ideas

To become a successful blogger, you definitely have to produce quality written work.
Apart from that, consistency in writing articles is also very important for blog development. Moreover, blog competition is now getting tougher. So we need articles that are easy to understand and useful. Therefore ideas are something expensive.

Flying with a smart plan is necessary. But the problem is that creative ideas and inspiration don’t come every time you need them to write an article. As a result, no articles could be published at that time. This situation is what bloggers really don’t like. So it often creates a feeling of boredom when blogging.

Trying to refresh your brain for a moment sometimes doesn’t get a solution. How can this situation even make some people feel burdened to quickly get out of the problem. As a result, the mind to reach inspiration and ideas cannot fly freely. If that’s the case, it’s a good idea to keep yourself busy for a while with things that have nothing to do with blogging. That way your brain can think more clearly.

2. Frequent typos when writing

In some aspects, typos often affect how the brain works to find ideas and inspiration.
If you are able, try to master the laptop or computer keyboard with your eyes and hands. This is very important considering that creative ideas that have emerged can be released and cannot be captured again in a short time.

I realized that with weakened concentration due to being in front of the computer for a long time while you still force yourself to continue writing, typos are a natural thing to happen. This term is often known by bloggers as ‘Typo’. However, it is not normal that every time you write an article, typos occur repeatedly. An example of a typo, ‘great’, resulted in a typo of ‘great’. If that’s the case, boredom will definitely come soon.

To overcome this, it’s a good idea to take a short break of 5-15 minutes to drink coffee or have a snack. Don’t force yourself to achieve your target when you are not in good health and are stressed. That way, your feelings of anxiety when typing can be reduced or even disappear.

3. Not yet proficient in arranging words

What’s the point of having creative ideas if you’re confused about where to write them?
Remember, arranging words is mandatory to make good sentences. However, you should worry if you have difficulty arranging word for word. Frequent difficulties in putting these words together can make you bored.

To overcome this boredom, you should make it a habit to practice writing every day. Apart from practicing writing or typing, you should read other people’s articles. How he arranges these words into good, quality sentences.

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4. Difficulty concentrating when writing

Even if you have ideas and are skilled at arranging words into sentences, this is not enough to prevent you from getting bored with blogging.
Due to the unfavorable atmosphere and conditions (such as noise or noise), sometimes this can be the beginning of difficulty concentrating when writing, thereby lowering enthusiasm.

In this situation, try to arrange a quiet and comfortable place or room for blogging activities. This way you won’t be busy feeling forced to create content. Try looking at the content of the problem of unfocused concentration and you will get writing results of lower quality than you can maximize. Therefore, eliminate things that have the potential to distract you while writing so that your concentration can produce brilliant content.

Regardless of the ups and downs of a blogger’s enthusiasm, this should not be the start of stopping blogging. The most important thing is that you know the signs that you are feeling bored. Remember, smart bloggers know when boredom will appear and are prepared to face it. 

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