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It’s Better to Rewrite Than Copy Paste People’s Articles


Dec 5, 2016

Being a writer turned out to be very fun.
How could it not be that after producing a piece of writing a feeling of pride began to come. Especially if the article gets a response in the form of lots of comments and educates other readers. So you can be sure that enthusiasm for writing higher quality articles will increase. If this continues then I think in a few months or years you can produce a premium (paid) ebook.

The problem is that not all beginner bloggers can jump in with adequate writing knowledge.
This is what makes writing more difficult. In fact, because of this, many novice bloggers choose the dangerous and short-cut route, namely copying and pasting other bloggers’ articles.

To write based on your own imagination or creative thinking is not an easy thing.
Especially if you haven’t mastered the material yet. In circumstances like this, the only way to fill blog content is to rewrite other people’s articles. This method is safer because your blog content will not experience problems in the future such as DCMA violations. If your blog has been monetized with the Google Adsense advertising program, the blog could end up banned.

Therefore, it is better for you to rewrite other people’s articles to fill blog content.
This is more beneficial for you and the blog you are building. Rewriting is easier than producing writing based on references. It’s true that writing yourself is better, but the reality is that some people don’t know where to write and how to explain it.

But by rewriting everything can be easier.
You only need to slightly change the structure of the sentence to suit your language. If possible, you can add to the writing from your own thoughts as long as it is true. However, it would be a good idea for you to read the article in full and find out the main idea. That way you will be more fluent in composing new and fresh sentences.

To prevent duplicates from rewriting, you can ensure this in 2 ways.

The first way, you can copy part of the paragraph or several sentences that you have rewritten and then paste it into the Google search engine.
If plagiarism is identified, you can change the writing again so that it is more unique and safe.

You could say this method is more difficult and takes a lot of time.
However, this method is effective for checking whether your article has been copied and pasted by someone else or not. So you can report it as a copyright violation (DMCA).

The second way, you can use a plagiarism checker tool (content plagiarism detection tool).
There are many choices of tools on the internet, ranging from premium or free. However, I think the free plagiarism checker tool is enough for you. The tools I usually use are SmallSEOTools.com or SolidSEOTools.com. I also used it to check the uniqueness of the articles I wrote. If it is identified as 100% unique then you can be happy because you can avoid violations. However, if it is identified below 90% then you have to change the plagiarized sentence and double check it with the tool so that it can be 100% unique.

Because for bloggers the act of copying and pasting is a detrimental action, as a professional blogger your own writing will be highly valued.
Therefore, it’s time for you to leave copy paste and enter the rewriting process. This process is only temporary until you feel you are able to produce articles that are unique, good and correct. So, if you have succeeded in this stage, the next stage is to write articles based on creative ideas and reference sources as writing material. 

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